Who The Heck Is The Option Genius?

Hi, my name is Allen Sama.

I make a living trading the markets and do very well at it. But it wasn’t always so.
When I first started trading I did what most people do.   
  • I listened to the “experts” on TV
  • I listened to my financial planner
  • I bought “quality companies”
  • I diversified my assets
  • I bought all the books and went to the “learn to trade” seminars

Yet, I still lost boat loads of money!

My stock account, which was opened with $83,000 was down to $34,372.15. It had taken my wife and I, six years to save up that money, and it only took one year to piss most of it away.

If you’ve ever lost money in the stock market you know how I felt. I had tried everything: day trading, value investing, trend following, technical trading, going to expensive seminars, reading every stock book I could get my hands on, watching CNBC all day and even Cramer every night, but I kept losing money!

Why losing $48,627.85 in stocks was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I decided I would not make another trade until I went painstakingly through all my trade statements and discovered what I did wrong, and what, if anything I had done right.
It was only then that I realized something that changed my life forever…

The only technique that I made money on consistently was selling options.

The only logical thing to do was ignore everything else and to master the science of selling options. And since I have, I have earned between 5 and 15% a month! Yes, that’s a month, not a year. Click here to see my results back to 2006.
I became consumed with option selling strategies: credit spreads, condors, butterflies, calendars, covered calls, diagonals, delta, theta, gamma, volatility, etc.
I focused only on options. I read every book on the subject. I went to every seminar I could, and watched hundreds of hours of videos.
 But it was all worth it.

When I was done, I had become an options expert. But best of all, I had a trading plan.
My plan tells me how to find trades, which options to buy and sell, when to get into the trade, when to get out, how much to spend on each trade, how to keep my losses as small as possible, and how to generate income from up, down, and sideways markets.
I no longer cared which way the market moved or if it moved at all, I could still make money.

But then it was time to test my strategies. I literally spent hundreds of hours back testing trades using my plan on stocks, indexes and ETFs all the way back to 1995. The more I back tested, the happier I got because the trades and my plan were making money. Only then did I start to trade again. But this time, I was consistently profitable. I am now living the life of my dreams:

  • I no longer need a job, trading is my business.
  • I work from home, most days in shorts or pajamas.
  • I can live anywhere in the world.
  • My wife has since quit her job and we take frequent vacations.
  • I am not glued to my screen and only have to adjust my trades on average of once a month each.
  • I can trade anywhere; I just take my laptop with me.

Would you like to trade along with me?

After I started doing well, my friends and family started asking me to teach them what I do. I tried, but none of them wanted to put in the time and effort that I had. So instead, I started just emailing them the trades I was doing and emailing them whenever I made an adjustment. A colleague suggested I charge for this service and let others in on it as well. And that’s how this website came about. Check out My Mission for a further explanation of why I do this.
By joining this website, I’ll share with you exactly what trades I am doing myself and let you know when I make an adjustment. This way you can trade along with me. All you have to do is submit the trade to your broker.
For more information check out my homepage.



  1. O.J. Cartaya, MD on December 29, 2017 at 7:23 am

    I am interested / i have a graduate degree in behavioral psychology & found your description enticing enough.

    Plz advise if I may be if any assistance beyond simply participating in your seminar education / I am boarded in neurology & psychiatry (mood spectrum, & anxiety – related, and obsession/ compulsive behavioral cascades)

  2. Jon on October 16, 2019 at 10:47 pm

    Hi Allen,
    If I were to trade just one of your methods (at least for now), which would you recommend?


    • Ameen Kamadia on October 22, 2019 at 1:02 pm

      Hi Jon,
      It would all depend on your goals, your risk tolerance, how much capital you have to work with, how much time you can devote, and how much you already know about trading options.

      If you were new to options, I would say to start with the easiest one to understand, the covered call. Credit spreads or the way we do them as Layup Spreads are a great trade too but require a little more knowledge, so you would have to spend some time learning how they work.

      If you wanted to spend very little time and still make good returns, I would use both of those and add naked puts.

      If you are an advanced trader, I love oil options. Awesome returns, less time in trade but you have to stay on top of oil prices daily.

      Iron condors, butterflies, and others are great too depending on how much time you can devote to trading. I have a couple friends that only do one large iron condor trade each month, and they manage by the greeks so they use their whole account. if you can do that, you know that you are really, really good.

  3. Mitch Gonsalves on April 21, 2020 at 8:43 am

    How are we doing? Oil Crashing…Naked or Spreads?

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