Six Months No Interest No Payments

Blank Check Trade Financing

Scientist_roundI got a call today that made me think. The guy on the other end said:

“If you believe in this system so much, why don’t you just give it to me for FREE…

and then I’ll pay you from the money I make?”

Makes sense, right…?

Well, we’ve never been able to do that before… but we were able to figure out a way to work with PayPal to make this happen.

Here’s how it works.

PayPal will actually let you get started for $0 down… and NO PAYMENTS (and NO INTEREST) for 6 months.

Isn’t that great! So you can get started now, and get your first few trades in… BEFORE you make your first payment for this program. In other words, you get to pay yourself first.

*Open to US residents only.

Now, there is ONE change… you have to signup using a different process.

Step 1: You have to apply for Paypal Credit first.

Click on this  sentence/link to be taken to the Paypal Credit Application page.

Hit the Apply Now button and fill out your info.

If approved, Paypal Credit will be connected to your Paypal Account.

You can then use Paypal Credit for any purchase you make with your Paypal Account.
Step 2: Then click on the Buy Now button below to sign up for the course. ( And use Paypal Credit to pay)

Here’s the button:


We will then have to manually add you to the course. Give us a day for that to happen.


Allen Sama

P.S. Now there’s no more excuses… 🙂 It’s time for you to “officially” get started writing “blank checks” to yourself.

Get started by clicking the Buy Now button above.