You Have Made An Excellent Decision.


I am super excited to have you as a member of our Blank Check Trader’s Community.

This is going to be an exciting journey which can dramatically change your life if you let it.

As mentioned before, as a student in the Blank Check Trading Course you get a whole bunch of access to me:

  • Ask me questions anytime via email
  • Ask questions in the Facebook group
  • Ask questions live in our Group Coaching Calls
  • And you get my own trades that are posted in the FB group.

But for some students this is not enough.

They wanted even more.

The first time I offered this course, I had included live, one on one coaching sessions.

Those were very popular.

Especially for those that have never traded oil options before.

You already have everything you need in the course, but just having someone look at your trades or answer questions put students at ease.

Now, there are way too many students to coach everyone one on one, so that is why I changed it to group coaching.

But if personal, one on one coaching is something that sounds appealing to you, I can make you a special offer…


Let’s do 3 live, half hour, one on one coaching sessions for an additional $495.


These are just you and me sharing our screens and refining your trading skills.

And as an added bonus, if you did not qualify for the Free Lifetime Access to the Facebook Group, I will include that with this offer.

But… this is a one time offer at this price.

If you do not take me up on it now, the price will rise.

You will not see this price again.

So to Recap, for an additional $495 you get:

3 half hour, one on one coaching sessions. You decide when you want to use them. Just email us and we can schedule it. These do not expire.

Free Lifetime Access to the Facebook Group if you did not already qualify.

In the past, students have used these sessions, to ask personal questions in regards to position sizing, technical analysis, adjustments, and a host of other concepts.

In one instance, I went through several months of trades with a student who was profitable but wanted more. We were able to find his weaknesses and take him from slightly profitable to massively profitable in just one session.

You do not need to take me up on this offer, but I wanted to put it out there.

Again, you will not see this offer again at this price.


So if interested, Click on the Yellow button to add it to your order.




No thanks, I don't need any one on one help... just take me to the Members’ Area.

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