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How To Go To Disney For Free

I love Disney parks. Growing up in Florida, we went to Disney World many times. And with my kids we’ve been to Disneyland a couple times already. The last 4 of our trips have been pretty much free. Airfare – check Hotel – check Park tickets – check We did pay for food and the…

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Let This Cartoon Be A Warning.

Unfortunately this cartoon is all too real for so many people. If you are seeing this, I hope you heed it’s message before it’s too late.    

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How Does Time Decay Work?

Time Decay, which is also known as Theta is an option seller’s best friend. It is the amount of money a seller makes per day on an option. Option time decay is denoted by using the Greek word Theta. Theta is one of six indicators in option trading known as the Greeks. Options are a…

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2023/2024 Passive Trading Scholarship

Calling all option traders!!! Are you ready to be consistently profitable? Are you ready to make 2024 your best year ever? In an effort to give back, we at OptionGenius have decided to grant 5 Scholarships to our flagship class: Passive Trading Formula This class with take you from Option Clueless to Option Consistent.  …

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CAN YOU GUESS WHERE THE SPX WILL END ON MAY 10, 2018? We’re giving away $100 CASH and all you have to do is guess where the SPX will close on May 10th 2018. How is the Winner Chosen? The person who picks the correct closing price first will win. If no one gets it…

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