Free Options Trade: AMZN (Amazon)

Free options trade: An astute member brought Amazon (AMZN) to my attention a week ago. After some uncertainty, I think AMZN is going higher or at least will not come back to the level it was at before earnings. At least until after DEC expiration. So that makes a Put credit spread a good  bet.

Sell the Dec 115 Puts and Buy the 110 Puts. My software is showing you can get this for .64 credit each.  That would be a 14.4% profit. DEC expiration is 12/19. If you can take the trade off for .10 debit, do so.

The expiration day breakeven on this trade is 114.34 and it has a 92.84% probability of success.

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  1. Eddy on November 12, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    I’ll be doing this one in my personal account. Thanks a bunch!!

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