How To Go To Disney For Free

I love Disney parks.

Growing up in Florida, we went to Disney World many times.

And with my kids we’ve been to Disneyland a couple times already.

The last 4 of our trips have been pretty much free.

Airfare – check

Hotel – check

Park tickets – check

We did pay for food and the uber to and from the airport but those could’ve been free too.


Rewards Points.

I knew credit cards give points and they eventually add up…but I did not know there is a way to “game” the system.

I learned about it here. it’s a public facebook group that shows you how to go to Disney for free.

You see, some cards offer great sign up bonuses.

For example, the Southwest card gives you about 50,000 points when you sign up. And you can get a corporate card too if you have a company. And your spouse can get them too.

So right there, you have about 200,000 airline points. Enough for a large family to fly anywhere SW flies.

That is just one example.

Check out the group…you might find it addicting.

If you hate credit cards or cannot use them, there is another way to go for free…

Sell options on Disney stock. Month after month after month. Keep selling and save up that premium for your trip. Disney is one of my long term holdings and a perfect Passive Trading stock.

Allen “Dont Laugh At My Mickey Ears” Sama

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