Inflation is coming! Buy Beans!

We’ve all been hearing about how inflation is right around the corner and how it is going to ruin the economy and the country.

No one is more passionately spreading this “news” than the gold bugs or better yet, the companies that sell gold and gold advisories. But there is another group that is also promoting this- the survivalists . These are the people that hoard supplies in their basements and have bunkers in the woods. I don’t necessarily want to go to that extreme, but wouldn’t mind becoming friends with some “just in case”. 🙂

Anyway, here is a video that shows a parallel between our debt/money supply and that of Argentina before they had massive inflation. It’s at the beginning of the video. I don’t want to scare you and don’t think things will get that bad, but it is good to keep your mind open to new ways of thinking. Keep in mind that the video is from 2009 and nothing has happened so far.



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  1. Gerald Wenzel on October 16, 2012 at 7:02 am

    Here is what I heard… Russia,China,and other countries had a meeting and said how can we break the dollar…so they came up with a plan to buy oil with gold instead of dollars, they know we no longer use gold as are standard…then the dollar collapsed to be worthless and silver was like a rocket,this has not happened yet,but it will, so have your pockets lined with silver… But when it does stay away from the big cities….That might even happen after the election,when they try to take away welfare and social security…Find a safe place in the country… I heard people will be looking for rural property for safety….To God Be The Glory…
    He Wants Our Attention….

  2. Rowena Lim on April 30, 2013 at 12:38 am

    Isn’t the increase in money supply brought about by unreasonable increase in demands for goods? Obviously, unnatural increase in demands to buy these ‘survival’ necessities are artificially induce by media itself.

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