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I have some exciting news. And as you might have seen from the title of this episode, the news is that market power is coming. It’s almost here. In fact, we have it here, but we haven’t rolled it out to everybody. So just today, I finished or I got out of my 54th market power trade for the year. Now, market power is a new trading program that we have come out with. And so since the beginning of the year, I have done 54 trades using this market power method. And out of those 54 trades, I’ve had zero losers. That’s right. Every single trade has been a winner– 54 winners in a row.

It’s something like 300%, or close to it in ROI. I mean, it’s mind-boggling. The trade has been amazingly consistent, amazingly profitable. And it is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever worked on. I just, can’t believe it. So if you don’t know what market power is, back in February of 2023, back of this year, we put on a like a live seminar-type thing. And we introduced market power. So basically, market power is a trading plan, as well an an indicator as well as a way to adjust the plan. So you have an indicator that tells you when to trade. And then you have the plan that tells you what and how to trade. And then if the trade goes bad, which sometimes they do, but not this year. So far, we have an adjustment module, which tells you how to actually fix the trade. So that potentially you might not ever have a losing trade ever again. Now, I know big work, right big promise. But so far, it’s been kicking butt. So back in February, we had this event, we introduced it to about 600 people who registered for that. We then explained the whole thing and showed the back-tested results.

And it was actually something very new. We could not do this before this year. So last year, in June of 2022, the CBOE introduced options on SPX that would expire on Tuesday and Thursday. So that meant that you now have options that expire Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, all five days of the week. That is how we were able to create a way to adjust this trade. So we have this indicator, We’ve had it for a while we’ve been using it for our weekly trading system, which is also doing amazing. But there was an issue with the trading system that we couldn’t share all the trades for a couple of reasons. Now, I don’t want to get into everything on this episode, because that would defeat the purpose of the episode where I just want to share that this thing is coming and I want you to be aware of it.

If you are looking for a way to be consistently profitable, If you like to sell options, or if you haven’t sold options before and you’re looking for a trade that is simple to understand and do. This might just be what you’re looking for.

Now, again, I already gave you the performance. We’ve had that event in February, we opened it up to have about 35 people in the program. We taught them exactly how it works. We showed them the indicator we showed them how to read it, how to use the trading plan, and they have been having amazing results as well. Just today I saw an interview with one of them. He’s up 266%. Another one of our beta testers let me know today that he is on his way to India for his second trip of the year. The first time he went for two months. Now he’s going again this year and both trips have been paid for by his market power money, which is basically the money he makes from his market power trades. So that’s just 2 of the 35. And then we have testimony like case studies and we have videos and interviews of all the others. It’s really phenomenal. Really exciting.

So what we’ve been doing since then, is we’ve been fine tuning the program, we’re getting those feedback from those guys about and girls, how to make it better, how to make it simpler how to make it more outstanding. And using their feedback, we’ve actually been able to improve our indicator. And the indicator is, you know, pillar number one, which is it tells you when to trade, if you don’t have the indicator give you a signal you don’t put the trade on.

That’s what gives us our edge. So we only trade when there is a signal from the indicator. And the more powerful and better the indicator, the more fine tuned it is the better human signals you get. Right? So we’ve been working on that. And we have improved the indicator significantly since we first introduced it. We also have the trading plan. And now thanks to the CBOE what they did last year with the new options, we also have an adjustment plan. So we know how to fix this trade. Now, we haven’t had to do any adjustments this year. But we did go back and test previous years to see if we if it would work. And we found an adjustment method that basically got every single one of our losing trades back to break even. And so there aren’t that many losing trades in a year. But if there are there, we have a way to make them and get back to break even. So like if, for example, if we had been trading this same program, the same method last year in 2022. And if you could adjust the whole year, we would have been perfect, we would have had to adjust on 10 trades out of 81. So there was there would have been 81 trades last year, 10 of them would have been adjusted and they would have broke even 71 would have made money, and it would have been the return would have been somewhere close to around 450%.

So currently, I’m up to 300, right close to it. And I still have September, October, November, December. So I still have a quarter, four months left. So maybe I’ll get up to 400 this year, who knows. It’s amazing. It’s just it’s just mind boggling. So I just wanted to give you a heads up if you haven’t heard about it, we are going to be introducing and showing and sharing more about it in the coming weeks and months. We are still in beta phase beta testing phase. So we’re gonna let a few more people in, out of those 600 that registered for that live event, we’re gonna let a few more of those people in, make sure everything is working great.

We’re still waiting for our programmers and our developers to give us the green light that we can invite more people in because right now the server load and the website and all that would not be able to handle so many people, because it’s all real time data and data feeds and all this technobabble stuff that I really don’t understand. But they say that the thing will crash if we have too many people. So we gotta wait until they build in redundancy servers and stuff like that. So once that is done, it’ll be in a couple of months, we’ll be able to let more people in. But then here’s the thing, even when we are allowed to have as many people as we want, we still will not be allowing as many people as we want. Because we have to limit this and keep it basically under wraps. There’s going to be a very hard stop in how many people we actually let into this program, because I am trading this for the fund my hedge fund. And I don’t want to over saturate it. I don’t want to have too many people doing this. Because SPX is huge, that’s what we trade, but it’s not unlimited. And so I would like to be able to do it for a long time. And if we have too many people doing it with too much money, it might get messed up. And so yeah, definitely we’re are going to have strict limits on how many people come in. But so far the people that we’ve led in the stories we’ve hearing from them, how it’s changed their lives, how it’s how it’s given them faith in humanity, to some degree,

It’s been mind blowing. So, you know, part of my mission of starting Option Genius is to help people become more financially independent and be able to live the lives that they want. And this program so far with the beta testers is definitely doing that, as we get more and more people in. I think it’s going to continue to do that. So this will be I don’t know, it might be like the best thing I’ve ever done. I have. I don’t know, it’s that exciting. It’s that good. So I’m really excited. I just, you know, I had a 54th winning trade today and I said, You know what I need to I need to share this with our audience so that they’re aware of it and if they’re looking for something if you are looking for something to add to what you’re doing or if you’re very frustrated and upset and you know you want to make a change or you want to do something different in your trading, you might want to take a look and see how this works.

The background is basically it is a SPX trade meaning we trade the SPX index. It’s a one-day trade, meaning we get the trade in today, we get in today, and we’re out tomorrow, it’s a credit spread. It’s a very simple trade to do. And we only trade on days when we have the indicator. Historically, there are about seven trades a month. So you know, you’ll do seven trades, and you put the trade on when you get the signal. And then the next day, the trade is over, if the trade went bad, you can do an adjustment, then the trade might go on a little bit longer, maybe another day.

But still, you only have one trade at a time. And it doesn’t take very long to do each trade. I mean, once you know how it works, you should be able to do each trade within less than five minutes or maximum 10 minutes, if you’re on your phone or your tablet or something and it’s really small. But really, it shouldn’t take much time at all. And the way we’ve set up our program, I mean, the program, the software, the technology is going to give you every single thing you need to be able to do it quickly, easily, smoothly. I’m really excited. It’s like, all in one complete package. And yeah, so I’m really excited, hopefully, you’ll get a chance to check it out.

We will if you’re not on our email list, go ahead and get on the email list. We’ll be letting people know more about it. First, we’re going to, like I said, we’re going to deal with the people on the notification list, we’re going to let them come in, try it out. And then once we get the go ahead from our programmers, that we can open it up to more people, then we will be talking to everybody on our list on our email list. Again, we have 40,000 people on our email list, just our company email list. And we’re not gonna let anywhere close to 40,000 people into this program. So we might just sell out just to people on our email list. And we might hopefully you don’t have to do any advertising or anything like that. But we’ll see how it goes. And for now, you know, we’re having amazing success, amazing results. I hope you can join us.

And in the next episode of the podcast, we’re actually going to have an interview with one of our beta testers. He’s going to be talking about how he’s doing, how the program works, you know what his experience was? So look out for that in the next episode. That’s going to be really cool as well. And then if you guys like, then I can share more about the market power program on the podcast. Just let us know. And we’ll do it that way. Cool. I wish you the best of luck in everything you’re doing and trade with the odds in your favor.

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