Options Trade Results: November 2009

Options Trade Results: Good news! Another positive month.

November gave us returns of +5.34%.

To me anything above 5% is a great month. Of course any month with a positive return is good, but 5% or above is better.

November is usually a good month for option sellers because of all the extra holiday time. It is also close to the end of the year when many traders and fund managers take extra time off, especially if they have had a good year. With the S&P being up over 20% so far this year, many managers are feeling pretty good about themselves.

It doesn’t come close my yearly results of over 40% so far this year with one month left to go but, hey, let them be happy – it’s the holidays.

Thinking of investing in options?

Today, many investors invest on mutual funds, stocks and bonds. However, your investing potential doesn’t have to end there. Another type of security, known as options trading or options selling, presents a world of opportunity to investors who understand the scope, practical uses and risks associated with type of investment.

There are many websites that promote options trading which costs big bucks but you should be able to find a trustworthy service that introduces options trading for free. At OptionGenius, we believe that money is a man-made commodity which should be available for everyone. When people’s needs are met, they can function at their optimum level. Hence, promoting world peace and harmony. All you have to do is read what we have for you and our blog is a good start.

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  1. Xueren Zhang on December 22, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    A success story from my daughter as she has been learning from your ideas.

    She is currently 14 years old, a freshman of a San Francisco high school.She started to read your free lessons in Aug of this year.Then, by the help of her Hong Kong uncle with $25000.00 (trading in his account), she started selling SPX and Rut iron condor,purely from ideas of your monthly #1 and #2 trades.

    She has been up three month in a row,generating 12.5%,14.57% and 15.25% with margin requirement of $15000.00 each month (60% of her $25000.00).She had a profit of $6365.00.

    She uses 25% of her profit for her pocket money and 75% for cash reserve to pay back her uncle.

    She let all trades expired as OG designed perfect ranges and far enough striking prices of both SPX and RUT within 6 weeks of expiration.

    This option letter is really brilliant.

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