Options Trading Results for October 2009

The options trading results are in for October 2009.

For October 2009, OptionGenius.com was  + 2.72%.

Not very impressive is it. But the S&P was down -1.98%.

Trade #4 for the month was rolled forward to November. If I had not rolled it, it would have expired worthless and with a profit. Instead it is now  November Trade #3.

Both iron condors did great in October. I took a more conservative stance this month because of October usually being a very bad month for the markets. And this one did not disappoint.

It started out smooth, then dropped towrdas the end of the month, then reversed and rallied up just as fast as it had dropped.

Can you saw “whipsaw?”

Options trading output

But  both condors did great with no adjustments required. What really hurt was an IWM butterfly that busted my chops. If I had just put that trade on and forgot about it, it would have been profitable, but alas, that’s not how it works, so this trade was a loser.

Regardless, it was a positive month in a year that has been anything but ordinary. The site is still on track for a 50% plus year if November and December work out.

Right now I am up + 36.11% for the year. Which is better than most hedge and mutual funds, and double the S&P.

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Options investing can be far greater than the potential gains of buying or selling stock. However, the risks are also greater. For those of us who love the extra challenge of option investing, it is worth every minute of time you spend.

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