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When was the last time you let yourself dream really big? I mean, really, really, really big. Most of us, I think, you know, “we live lives of quiet desperation”. That quote, I don’t remember who said it, but I believe that quote is so true. Most people are just going through the motions. So what would you do if gave you a billion dollars? A billion with a B? Right? If I just gave it to you, or whatever, you woke up one day, and boom, there’s 1 billion in your bank account. You can do anything you want with it. What would you do?

I mean, obviously, a lot of us, we probably start spending it, right. I mean, there’s no strings attached. It’s not stolen or anything, it’s your money, do whatever you want no taxes, debate and anything like that? Start spending, what are you gonna do? Right? You gotta buy maybe the nicest house in the state. Maybe you buy eight or nine, fancy sports cars or luxury cars, whatever you can think of – Bentley’s, Maseratis, whatever you can think of. Maybe you buy a jet or two. Maybe you get your own private island. That’s pretty big. Maybe you get all the clothes you can ever think of, eat out every night, you know, some jewelry for the spouse or something, gifts for the kids, maybe a pony? I don’t know. But a billion dollars is a huge amount. And for most people, they probably still have a lot left. I don’t think any normal rational person can spend a billion dollars in their lifetime. It’s pretty hard. So what would you do with it? And then the real question is, what would you do with the rest of it? Right? Eventually, you’re going to realize that the money is not going to bring you happiness, all the stuff. Stuff is not important.

When you die, it don’t come with you. Right? The houses you can buy them, but they’re not really yours. You know, stop paying property taxes and see who really owns all the houses. The cars are gonna eventually fall apart, like clothes are gonna get eaten by moths and go out of fashion. Ponies probably gonna die eventually anyway. So that stuff doesn’t bring you happiness. Significance! That’s what it’s all about, right? Having some significance in your life, having a sense of purpose, being able to do something that makes you feel alive. What is that for you? Do you even know? How do you generate significance? How can you generate more significance? I mean, dream big, think big. Is there an injustice that you’ve experienced that needs to be solved? What did you want to do as a kid when you were little think back? Think back to when you were little? What did you want to do? Be? Accomplish? Before the world said no, that’s unrealistic. Can’t do that. What gives you the greatest excitement and wonder? There are some deep questions. For Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, you know two of the richest guys in the world. For both of them it’s the same thing. They want to get humanity, mankind into space. I mean, think about it. These two guys, billionaires, top two richest people in the world. They’re both, both of their passions, both of their purposes, is to get humanity into space. And so that’s why they both have companies where they give billions of dollars to that have pushed the frontiers much farther than NASA has gone, faster, cheaper, more sustainable.

So what’s your purpose? Do you know what it is? Or are you like most people just going through the motions every day? living day to day. You know you get up you go to work, get stuff done, accomplish, some things here and there. Then you’re “Oh, I’m tired” “Oh, it’s five and six o’clock, all right” Time to head home. You get home you take care of the kids. You hang out with the spouse, you cook you clean, you do some stuff and then maybe you relax a little bit and hit the hay. There’s all time to do it all again tomorrow. Is that what life looks like? Are you in a rut? For most people, they say that they cannot live their purpose because they don’t have enough money. Or they don’t have enough time. Or there’s something stopping them. “Yeah, I can’t do this because I have kids right now”. “I can’t travel the world because I have kids”. “I can’t go and become a teacher because I have all these bills to pay”. “I can’t do this, because of that” or “this person won’t let me” or my spouse this, or my mother this or my mother in law that. Right?

I think it’s just sad. And I mean, I don’t blame you, if that’s you, because I’m in the same boat. You know, I have always wanted to travel. And I wanted to see the world but we have three little kids. So can’t do it. Right? Because they have to go to school, they have to learn stuff, we can’t just, it’s dangerous out there in the world. And we could be traveling in some third world country and get taken hostage or get sick or get hurt. And then you know, all the medical stuff and it wouldn’t work and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I was at a seminar where I was talking to this guy. The the head of the seminar, he was like this personal trainer, not treating you physically, but like motivational speaker type guy. And I asked him that question. I said, “You know, I don’t know what to do”. I don’t know. But I want some more purpose. What do I, how do I know what my purpose is? Because what I want to do as I want to travel, he goes, so why don’t you travel? It’s pretty simple questions.

Like you want to know what you want. Why did you do it? Well, because he’s like, is it money issue? I’m like no, not money issues. Health issues? No, not health issues. Okay, so what’s wrong? Well, I have little kids. And he goes, Okay, so what school you want to give one school, you want them to learn stuff? But yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s the problem. You know, we can’t take them out of school for that long. They miss. If we go traveling for a year or two, or whatnot, you know, homeschooling for me – that’s not gonna work, neither for my wife. It’s not our thing. We go nuts. We’d kill the kids. So he said, yo, you know, he goes to me, he says that he lives on a ship. Yeah, this guy actually lives on a cruise ship. There’s a one particular cruise ship, I think they call it “The world”, I think you can look it up. There’s one cruise ship, that you can actually buy a cabin. It’s like a condo, or like a private condo, you buy the cabin. And you could live on the cruise ship. And it travels all around the world. And docks in different places. And the people who own like, all the people want the little cabin, they, you know, they get to vote and they get to decide where they want to go next, and where they want to stop and all that stuff. And if you want to get off well, then you know, you get off at a stop and then you fly wherever you’re going. And then whenever you want to come back, you find out where the ship is going to be you fly to that city, and then you get on board. So that’s pretty cool. He goes, Yeah, there’s actually a couple families on the ship. And I’m like, really? He goes, yep, there’s one family indeed. There is a family that have three little kids just like yours. I’m like, how do they do it? He goes, Well, they hired a nanny, and a teacher and an au pair, or whatever they’re called, I don’t know what they’re called.

He hired some tutor to come and teach the kids. So they’re traveling around the world. They’re seeing the sights, they’re seeing everything, but they’re still learning. In fact, they’re learning better than probably what my kids are learning. Because when you go to school, most of the time is not spent learning. Most of the time that teachers spend, you know, telling other kids to be quiet or, or having them go to lunch or line up on joining the proper line or dealing with discipline issues or announcements and all that kind of stuff. So most of the time is not spent teaching anyway. So they have a tutor that teaches them for a few hours. And then imagine what they learn when they get off at all these different places around the world. Now that’s truly an education. So that opened my eyes. It’s like Wow, man, I’m just making excuses. I’m really making excuses. So it’s not that my kids are stopping me from travel. It’s my own limitation. It’s my own small thinking. My purpose, if that’s my purpose of traveling, it’s not strong enough to get me to figure out how to overcome the situation overcome the difficulties that I am seeing, which are not really difficulties. So if you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, you’ve heard how we make money out of thin air by selling options that we don’t even own to make obscene amounts of returns. All this without being brain surgeons or rocket science. You know, we’re not scientists, without starting with millions of dollars and without spending years and years and years to learn this stuff.

So I want you to be living your purpose, whatever it is. And at that time, I realized, Hey, you know what my purpose probably not is travel, it’s not traveling, and I don’t want it bad enough. So I’m still looking for my ultimate purpose. But I think for now, what my purpose is to spread the mission of passive trading. To spread the word to help other people, just have them experience what I’m experiencing. The joy, the freedom, and that’s my purpose. For now. I don’t know how long it’s gonna last. Eventually, I’m gonna say, you know what, I got another itch, I want to go do something else. And I already have something in mind. And I guess I could share with you guys, I want to start something else called “Mortal Heal Thyself”. Basically, it’s I don’t know what it is yet, I haven’t really put any too much thought to paper yet. But it’s, it’s a way it’s information to help people to heal their health issues, without taking massive pharmaceutical drugs, or having to see 100,000 different doctors and all that stuff to keep us healthy, naturally, before we get sick, and then even when we do get sick, to do everything that we can, without more, you know, or is taking as little pharmaceutical drugs as possible. So that’s, that’s kind of like what I want to do. So eventually, I’m going to maybe do that. But for now, I’m focused on this particular purpose, which is to help you achieve your purpose, to help you achieve three freedoms that we talk about – Time, Money, and Choice.

Okay, so I want you to be living your purpose, whatever it is. Now, if you don’t know what your purpose is, or even if you do, but something is stopping you, I know that you can figure it out. If you spend enough time on it, you can figure it out. And for some of you, you might need some help. And if that’s the case, we can start with our high probability trading live event that’s coming up soon. It’s a two day event training coming up on September 17 and 18th, we’ll be talking about this, we’ll be having exercise on this and going through it. And I can walk you through the process that I’ve found that works really well for a lot of people. Or if you’re listening to this, after that date, and it’s already happened, you can email us and ask us how to get the recordings. Because if you want to find your purpose, if you want to find your why I think that is crucial to your success at trading, if you don’t know your why. I don’t know if you can be as successful in trading as you could be. So I think it’s very, very important. That’s why I talk about it at this event. So at this event, I’m going to be spending some time to help you determine your purpose, your why, and how that is so crucial to your success. And then we spend the rest of the two days on strategies to free you from any money constraints. Right? I don’t want that to be an issue. “I can’t afford it” – no, we’re going to take care of that. Okay. We have many, many students that have been through this event in the past. And the first time we did it was not that long ago. But they but it was less than a year ago. The first one it was in January of 2021. No, yeah. 2021 sorry. It was it was earlier this year, January. We have many students who have attended this event. And they are already on their way to replacing their income with their gains from trading. So that was that thing that they decided they said, “Hey, I want to replace my income”, boom, they’re already on their way. And for others, they decided, hey, I want to add to my income, so they’re on their way. Others decided, hey, I want to use this money to go give back and to help other people and so boom, they’re on their way to do that. So some of these people had never traded options before. Others had traded but with very limited success. So we were able to help them overcome their limitations, their limiting beliefs and to figure out “Okay, what is it that stopping you?” What is it in in your in your thinking that’s stopping you and then what is it in your trading? What are the skills that you need in trading wise to be able to turn the corner and start making more from your trades?

And it worked. And that’s one of the things I’m so super, super excited about. And that’s why we’re doing this event again, because we are to help so many people the first time and the second time. So I mean, I can’t wait for it. We have so many success stories, so many people that are getting so excited and thankful after this happens, that I just can’t. It’s I mean, I’m really excited for it, I hope you’ll be there. So join me live for two days. And while I don’t actually have a billion dollars to give you I would, I would love to give it to you, if I had it, I don’t. Helping you figure out your purpose and your why is actually worth a lot more than a billion dollars. And you think about it, even if I had it, I probably wouldn’t give it to you. Because I would just spoil you. She is more much, much more fun and much more — you feel so much better when you when you earn it for yourself. So let’s do it together. Okay, go to OptionGenius.com/live for more details and to get your ticket. Spaces are limited even though this is a virtual event. We’re still restricted on the number of people that can be there at any one time. So get your ticket today, OptionGenius.com/live, I hope to see you there we’ll be there live for two days, you can interact with me ask questions, the whole nine yards we’ll be going through a lot of material.

It could be a life changing event for you. I don’t know how many more we’re going to be doing these. I want to continue them. But we have so many other projects that are really, really exciting that are coming down the pike that we might have to suspend this and work on those instead. So if you are looking to make a change, if you’re looking to get out of the rut or start trading or stop making excuses, this would be a amazing way to do it. Okay, so get your ticket while tickets are still available. If you can’t make it live, there are recordings that will be available so get those but really you want to be there live to get your questions answered to to feel the excitement and to really get motivated. And you know, there might be some questions that you have like hey, how can I do this and this and this or this is an issue that I’ve had in the past? I’m seeing this over and over again. What do I do to fix it? We can talk about those and we can discuss it and answer your questions live. So go to OptionGenius.com/live get your ticket today and trade with the odds in your favor.


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