Podcast – Episode 157 – Why Do We Trade?

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Why do we trade? Sounds like a simple question, right? Maybe even a stupid question. Duh Allen, we trade because of the money. We want the money. Now I’m gonna say bull. No, it’s not because of the money, money’s great and all that, but it’s not money. It’s something deeper. So after that, what comes after money? Well, okay, if it’s not the money, then yeah, maybe it’s, well, it’s freedom, right, Allen? Because you keep talking about that, you know, the three freedoms– time, freedom, financial freedom, choice, freedom. It’s the freedom. That’s why we trade we trade for the freedom. I’m going to say no to that, too. Those are side effects, benefits of trading, but they’re not the real reason. So in this episode, I’m going to tell you exactly why we trade.

So look, a student reached out to me recently about investing in the hedge fund, which is great, because, you know, it shows a lot of confidence that my students are wanting to trade with me and invest with me. So we started talking, and I asked him, you know, Hey, how’s it going with your trade and what’s going on? He was over the moon happy. I mean, super, super happy. This guy, he’s making  3-4,000 per week. Right? per week. That’s pretty good. But then he said something that, you know, he said things were a little bit different. And I’m like, “What do you mean? What do you mean, they’re different?”

He says life’s different, it is better. I’m like, Okay, give me an example. He goes, Well, you know, I used to argue with my wife, about her spending, every time I would look at the checkbook, you know, I get mad because she’s spending on this or that. But I don’t do that anymore. We don’t argue about spending anymore, because there’s more money at the end of the month, in the account, even with her spending. That’s awesome. Also, he said he enjoys buying his kids things, you know, things he wasn’t able to do before. Now, this is a fellow who’s going to retire in six months, he’s got six months of work left, he’s going to be retiring. And he told me, he’s not going to be worried about surviving on just, you know, 4%, that you’re supposed to be taken out of your, your IRA or retirement funds, right? The 4% rule, he’s like, you know, 4% is, not that much.

And if that was the case, I would still be very concerned and worried about running out of money. But now he’s not. He’s actually looking forward to retiring compared to when it was a stressor. Right. I was talking to a another student, also last week. And he is also in the beta group of the market power program that we have. And then after about two months in that program, he joined our oil program, the blank check trading program. And I was curious, so I reached out to him. And asked, “Hey, man, you’ve been with us for a long time, like you’ve been on our email list, you’ve been in the you’re in the passive program, you’ve been in that one for a long time, you’ve heard about blank check, many, many times, probably a dozen times you’ve gotten emails about it, or I’ve talked about it,  what made you jump into it right now, because you just joined this program, market power. And then two months later, you join into this other program. And I knew that money, you know, it was the price of the program was a bit of a concern for him in the beginning?” And this is what he said, This is a direct quote. So I’m going to read it here. He said, “Just started to figure everything out, it started to fall into place. After the market power group, I just felt more confident in my trading. And once I started seeing monthly returns, getting close to being able to stop working levels, I felt like I should go the last step and add the oil to the toolbox, and see if I can make enough to surpass my original goals. So I went for it. And I’m glad I did. It’s really easy to understand, and I can’t wait to start doing it live trading with it”. Thank you for being so consistent with your teachings and methods. That feeling that you and your crew are there for us made it a much easier decision as well. So interesting. Right?

Now, in both stories, there was no mention of a Lamborghini or a mansion or a private plane, you know, any extravagant spending. Now, there might be a couple of listeners out there that want that stuff. There’s nothing wrong with having cool stuff. But I think most of us, yeah, we don’t want that stuff. You know, we want other stuff stuff that’s real. We want to have less stress, happier family, simple players. I think that’s what life is really about, you know, and it’s that’s the real reason why we try not to get super rich, but to enjoy the simple things the little things. It’s not because of you know, we’re greedy or we want to take over the world but it’s the small things that people don’t even notice that make the world or life really better like going to a restaurant and ordering whatever you want on the menu without having to look at the price without worrying about the price.

Oh, well how much is at stake? Go lobster only Oh, she wants lobster. Oh no, right? Choosing a vacation based on the location, the place you want to go to compared to the price, the cost. It’s like, oh, we can’t go to that island that’s too expensive. Let’s go to this small little beach over here instead. Now you don’t need to do that anymore, right? Or even being able to take multiple vacations a year. So now I’m curious. Did I get it right? Is that why you trade? Let me know in the comments, or leave a review. I always love getting feedback and I would love to hear what it is why you trade. Until next time, trade with the odds in my favor my friends.

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