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Allen: Boom, welcome to another edition of the Options Genius Podcast! Today, as promised, in the last episode, we have an interview, an interview with a fellow named Kevin. And Kevin is one of our beta testers in the Market Power Program, Kevin has done an amazing 266% ROI, since he’s joined the program earlier in 2003. So that’s not even a whole year worth the results.

And that is after fees. So after he took out his commission’s after he took out his fees, that’s how much money he put in his pocket. Or basically, he left in the account. I don’t know what he did with it. But yeah, that’s what he kept. All right. That is amazing. I wanted to share this with you, I wanted to get this to you. Because these type of results are uncommon. I think that’s an understatement. You know, when you have most people trying to make seven 8% A year from the stock market, even though you know, the market, banks, banks are paying what 4 or 5%. Right now, that’s wonderful, that’s great.

Stock market should be paying more, but nobody out there is getting 266%. So shake cheese, but we are doing it with the market power program, I wanted to share this because I want you to be excited, I want you to be happy for Kevin, I want you to know this type of stuff is available, it’s doable, if you have success with trading. So that’s like the goal. I mean, the goal shouldn’t be 266%. But the goal should be that you have enough money coming in to pay for all your expenses that you could do that from your trading. So you have basically your financial independence, right? And then after that you keep adding more and more money to the accounts or to your savings account or whatever, so that the financial worries that you have in your life melt away and you don’t have any financial work.

Because the thing is like, hey, oh, I got a speeding ticket. Okay? Well, if you can write a check, to make your problem go away, you don’t have a problem. And that’s what I really want. That’s the type of life I want to have for you. Okay, so the type of problem where he’s like, Okay, if I can just write a check and make this problem go away, I don’t have a problem, I have a money issue. And the money issue, we want to make it go away through trading, market power is going to be one of those ways this program is coming. It’s exciting. It’s amazing. I can’t speak enough about it. I mean, it’s just unbelievable. I haven’t I lost sleep. When we first came up with this seriously, I lost sleep for days and days and days. And I just can’t believe it.

And even now, it’s still unbelievable. 54 trades in a row that I have made with this program. I think Kevin, the one that you’re going to see in the interview, I think he had one trade that went bad, and he had to adjust it. And so it still worked out. And it’s phenomenal. It’s amazing. And he’s not the only one, I’m not the only one, we have 35 other people that are trading this, in our beta testing program. They’re all doing phenomenal.

We have case studies, we have screenshots, we have interviews, we have, you know, the emails from them, thanking us and saying how amazing it is. So it’s just a matter of time before we can open it up for others join. And unfortunately, you know, we can’t let everybody in the whole world join.

So whoever gets in to get in, that’s wonderful. You only help certain limited amount of people, because we still need to protect it and keep it somewhat secret in the sense so that it doesn’t get diluted and it doesn’t stop working. So that’s the situation here. I’m gonna go ahead and stop talking and let you watch or listen to the interview. And then when market power, makes his official debut and launches to the general list, I will let you know on the podcast. Or if you want to get to know earlier, then you can go to OptionGenius.com and email us or contact us and say hey, I want to be on the notification list. I want to know more about Market Power. I want to know when it comes out. I want to be one of the first How do I get to the top of the line, right? So let’s do that. And let’s go ahead and let’s get into this interview.

Matthew: Alright. So today we’re joined by Kevin Donegen, and he’s a member of our market power program. And I want to thank you today for sharing your experience. And you know how the course has been going for you and the program, and just really appreciate having you.

Kevin: You’re welcome. Glad to be here. Thanks, sir.

Matthew: You’re welcome. So, I always ask people, you know, the first question is, how did you find Option Genius? So a lot of people find it by podcast or other means. So how did you find out Option Genius?

Kevin: It’s been a few years now, because I joined other, you know, the training portion of Option Genius a couple years ago, I think it was late 21. So almost two years now, I guess, you know, it’s a good question, how I found Option Genius. I guess. I was exploring Option Trading, you know, on my phones, or searches and option genius. And I looked at a few mean, option, genius came up and I gravitated towards it. I don’t know, I think I was just searching for option learning, training and learning kind of stuff and found it and it’s been good. So I think I found it just by searching.

Matthew: Just by discovery.

Kevin: Yeah, research

Matthew: Great. So you’ve been a part of our original market program. Call you guys kind of like the Founding Fathers, you know, you, you went in there and tried everything? And is there anything when you decided to join the program? Were you like, hey, you know, I want to be a part of this program that stuck out to you.

Kevin: Boy, when Allen, when you all had that first introductory conference call regarding the program, and shared the historical back testing data about what the program was based on? I mean, that that clinched it right there, that historical back tested data, of, you know, the premise, and the process of the program, and how it looked back tested was just the results are just remarkable.

Matthew: Excellent. Did you have any personal expectations before you joined the program, you know, as far as like a percentage goal or just to kind of get consistent?

Kevin: I had been trading options, covered calls and in spreads before a little bit, I dabbled in it. So I guess my initial expectation for the program was to pay back my, the cost of the program. First, that was my first goal. And I did it pretty quickly. And by starting out slow, you know, I, you know, I started out real slow just to get the feel for the program. And as I traded more, and you know, the indicator came up, and I made a trade in one and one again, and one again, my confidence, says, Yes, this is real. And then I just started slowly, my trade starts slowly ramped up, and I think I paid for it. And depending on how slow or fast you start, it can be a fast payback. If you start with larger trades, but I think I paid mine back in a few weeks, like 12 weeks or something.

Matthew: Wow, that’s great. That’s like, yeah, it’s really important, what you just said, you know, a lot of people, you know, you’re excited, and you can see things working. And a lot of times, you know, the human psychology gets involved, and we go too fast, right? You know, so it’s, it’s really kind of really great that you kind of measure yourself and start slow. So it’s really great. For sure. Is there any kind of particular part of the program that you really like? You know, is it some people can say, oh, it’s adjustment, or it’s, whatever. Is there anything you can pinpoint?

Kevin: Yep, the two things come, pop up in my mind, that the online forum of the group and the chats and the sharing of information amongst the market power group, I really enjoy that to get other people’s opinion and take on the program in the market and when to trade, not to trade. So I really like that it’s an open forum. And it’s, it’s welcoming, and no one’s afraid to say anything. So I really liked that. The second tool I like is the trading log, the market power trading log that you all put together. It’s well organized. I’ve been using that to track all my trades.

Matthew: Great. Yeah. I mean, again, you hit on a really great point. I mean, that we have a group of people, you know, some people are just new to options. And you have some people I said in another interview that are looks like they take it to quantum physics. So it’s like, you get all this range of knowledge. And it’s really kind of, we’re all here for the right reason. So it’s really kind of great. It’s almost like a family, if you will.

Kevin: Absolutely, yeah, absolutely.

Matthew: How has the support been? I mean, you kind of mentioned a little bit from Option Genius, but more like the people around you. I mean, I think you just alluded to that, that you have a good support system that If you want.

Kevin: Oh yeah, whether it be a group member or yourself or Trish or an even Allen, it’s been great. The communication has been prompt and, and timely and always answered. So there’s always someone to answer a question or what have you. So it’s been really good.

Matthew: That’s great to hear. You know, we really want people to feel involved and not feel left out. I’m, you know, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re alone, you know? Yeah.

Kevin: So I don’t, I don’t feel that way at all.

Matthew: Awesome. Has your trading changed at all? Since you joined the program? Like, as far as I mean, can you talked a little about confidence, or, you know, some people? You know, a big main reason is confidence, I say, but how was it for you?

Kevin: So, last year before the program, I had some success, just doing it myself, but then I got burned, and wiped away all my profits. So what I get out of the program is the discipline of the program. And, you know, when you have an indicator day, that’s the day to trade no other. So, I’m more disciplined since joining the program. And I’m only trading when there’s an indicator day, by and large. So the short answer is, I’ve gained a lot of discipline after joining the program.

Matthew: That’s great to hear. So we’re all shoot for that to be consistent, you know, and there’s nothing worse than trading and winning than winning, and then giving it all back. I think it’s like the, you know, it’s the worst thing that can happen, right?

Kevin: Anybody that’s probably been in options have had that experience at one time or another?

Matthew: Sure. So it’s almost required.

Kevin: Boy, it’s a tough learning, but that’s okay.

Matthew: All right. So, um, how have your results been so far? For you?

Kevin: I’m looking at my trading log right now, because I figured you’d ask that. And I’ve kind of added some features to it myself. But if you’re interested in those, we can talk about that. But I’ve made what about 47 trades? Not counting yesterday. So I work off the two platforms. So I’d make trades in both one as is a smaller account, one’s a bigger account. So I may duplicate a given day on two different platforms. But anyway, you know, 47 trades, I think I lost only one. And that was because of me. It wasn’t because of the program. And I only lost like 600 bucks. So no big deal. And then I adjusted and made it back. So but that was my fault. And I bought too early in the day, basically.

And I put notes out there, which is good. My average number of contracts, I would say is 20. So but you know, I’ve been up as high as 40 and 10. And 30. Just depends how I’m feeling. You know, like, like, yesterday, I did only 20. I don’t know, I I don’t know why I just didn’t want to do 40. You know, and so long and short. I’ve made over a minute, I also back out the cost of trades to get a net profit, right? So my net profit is 226%.

Matthew: Yeah, that’s great. You mean, you’re trading at a good amount? You kind of just talked to how a little bit can made me kind of feel how I trade you know, there’s some days that, you know, you don’t you have like kind of a hunch, you know, you’re like, I don’t really feel, you know, can be personal. It could be like something like, I just don’t feel like trading today. And that’s perfectly fine. And what I do love, and I think you’ll agree is that some days, you don’t have to trade, you know, it’s like, you don’t have to take every signal. Right? You can, you can wait and there’ll be another one coming down the pike, you know?

Kevin: Absolutely. Yeah, for sure. And that’s why that’s where the discipline comes in. You know, because you just got to be patient because the signal will come. And when it comes, that’s your time.

Matthew: So yeah, yeah, you kind of take it as a case by case basis. You know, that’s great, for sure. Alright, so kind of a fun question. So a lot of people, they have different goals for their profits. And it’s nice to good problem to have, you know, you’re in your profit, you’re making money. Some people do fun things like take vacations, and some people just roll it into their account. So what are your plans?

Kevin: So I guess, on articulate or unstated two goals for the program and the profits that I earned from market power. First is to build up my account so I can grow the dollars in My Account for doing this so that I could keep slowly ramping up as I get more and more comfortable. But then I also, the second one is to take some of the profits and have some fun. And like you alluded to, I think maybe before we started the call, but, you know, I went fishing in Colorado, and virtually almost paid for the whole trip, in a day, at least a good portion of VRBO expense. And then, earlier in the year, my wife and I went to Paris, and I was trading when I was over in Paris, and helps pay for that part of the trip. So, you know,

Matthew: It’s great. I mean, it almost makes your trip more enjoyable. You know, you’re over there, you’re like, hey, you know, this is cash flow in this right now, you know?

Kevin: Exactly. So it’s, it’s a great feeling. So yeah, two things, take a little profits, have some fun with it, and then keep growing the account.

Matthew: Excellent. Excellent. So what would you say to someone that you were there in the original group, and a lot of people have apprehensions about joining programs, you know, whether it’s true, we’re kind of at a point now, where we’ve had many, many winners, and if not any losers on the track record, actually no losses on the track record. So it’s almost too good to be true. So people are naturally skeptical. What would you say to someone that, you know, there’s going to be next group and a group after that, and people join in this program? So what would you say to someone that’s kind of on the fence about joining this program?

Kevin: Well, if they see any of these interviews from the current market power group, I gotta believe take it from the member, the current members and what they’re saying, and their results, trust, the back tested data is real. And ever since we, we joined market power, the program to your point hasn’t had a losing trade yet. So it works. I mean, the data speaks for itself, and they can if they’re apprehensive, start slow, kind of like what I did and get comfortable with it. And you’ll quickly, quickly get more confidence in the program.

Matthew: Excellent. Well, wise words, I mean, you know, it’s really important, you hit on some really important points that, you know, patients taking your time, and really kind of just trusting yourself. I mean, give it you know, giving something a try and, you know, the worst possible thing that can happen, you know, so that’s great. So I really want to thank you for taking the time today. I really appreciate it and you know, sharing your experience, so really great having you on.

Kevin: Yeah, my pleasure. Thank you, Matthew. All right. Thank you. Have a great day. You too.

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