Podcast – Episode 74 – What is a Passive Trader

Podcast Transcript

A passive trader is a new breed of investor. Smarter, confident, relaxed, and free.

Passive traders are winners. They keep the odds on their side, take calculated risks, and make consistent profits over and over.

Passive traders are flexible.  They know how to adjust when the market does and still be profitable. They play their own game and use wall street’s secrets to their benefit.

Passive traders are independent and can think for themselves. They know that no one cares about their money more than they do, so they manage it themselves, and better than the experts. They do not rely on financial planners, mutual funds, or robots to charge insane amounts of fess while providing below-average yields.

Passive traders are patient. They sit back and let the gains come to them by keeping things simple.

Passive traders are determined. They know their “why” and it pushes them to stay focused and never give up.

If you asked a money manager they’d tell you that passive trading is impossible – the little guy is not supposed to beat wall street. Yet it is happening every day.

Passive traders know that life is a gift and should be lived to the fullest. Money is not the end goal. So passive traders make their money work for them, generating an income 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that they can spend their time doing whatever makes them happy.

Passive traders are in control of their destiny, their finances, their emotions, and in turn, their lives.

Passive traders…

Define their own destiny

March to their own beat

Make the world better

Live their ideal life

Passive traders are motivated knowing that the odds are in their favor.




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