Podcast – Episode 80 – The Shortcut To Trading Success

Podcast Transcript

How often do you stop and think about how lucky you are? If you’re like me, probably not enough. I mean, this thought came to me the other day. I’m going to the office, it’s around 11:00 AM. And when you’re trading passively, it means that you don’t have to wake up early, early in the morning. You can wake up whenever you want and check your trades and move on. So it doesn’t take a lot of time trading. So, I’m going to the office at 11:00 AM and it is sweltering. I mean Houston, its crazy heat, just like the desert, it’s summertime, it’s close to a hundred degrees outside and I see this 11 year old boy, 10, 10 or 11 years old.

And he’s in his truck. There’s a pickup truck standing by one of the houses, one of my neighbor’s houses. And he’s sitting inside the truck and playing on his little video games. And I see a man and a woman and they’re sitting on the grass and they’re eating lunch. So I assume they’re his parents. And I also assume that they’re day laborers, maybe they’re cutting the trees or doing some rehab inside or installations or something like that. And you normally see that type of thing, especially in the suburbs. You see people who come out and they do the work. The thing that struck me was that this boy, 10, 11 years old, his parents are going to be out here for several hours. And he’s with them in the heat. Why? Well, I mean, the mom was there, so probably nobody else is there at home to take care of him.

They can’t afford daycare or it’s too expensive or it’s better that he just stays with them. But what does he do all day? He’s a little bit too young to help out really, he might be able to do a little things, but not really much. And he’s just wasting his time and sweating and getting heatstroke, but the parents are doing the best they can. I’m sure the parents love the child, that’s why they’re keeping him with them. I’m sure they’re trying to teach him. I’m sure they want the best for this child. But I compare that to my nine year old. And at the same day, while this child is spending all day out in the heat sweltering, my nine year old in the morning, he went to a tutoring class and he just finished third grade.

And in tutoring class, he’s doing fifth grade work. Math, science, reading, all that kind of stuff, because to get ahead. And then in the afternoon, he’s going to go to an art class. And then in the evening, he wanted to take a coding class. So they have this online game called Roblox, if you’ve ever heard of it. And he wanted to learn how to code and make the games, program the games in that particular game. So what’s the difference? Why is one child out in the heat suffering while the other child is in different classes, learning different things, getting new experiences? Yeah, I guess you could say the first thing that pops in your mind would be money. One child comes from a poor family, one child comes from a well-to-do family. But I think it’s more than that. It’s not just the money.

And if you take a look at it, I mean, which child has a better future? I hate to say it, but which child has more choices in life and in everything? Now, of course my child could and mess it up and the other child could do great, that’s definitely true. But which one will have an easier time of it, and the likelihood of achieving and having a better quality of life? I think it comes down to not money. Of course money is there, but why? Why, what, how did the money come into place? What’s the difference between this kid’s father and me, even if you take the money out. Let’s say you take both of us and you take all the money away or you give us an even amount of money. I am pretty sure that within a short period of time, I’m going to be able to recapture what I could. I’m going to be able to go up the ladder while the other fellow, what he knows is day labor.

He’s got his work, he’s got his hands and that’s how he makes a living. He probably works harder every single day of his life than I have ever worked in my life. I am not a day laborer. I’m not good with my hands. I don’t know anything. I barely hammer a nail because I’ve never done, I never had to. I’ve always used my mind. But why was I able to use my mind while he had to use his hands, and he couldn’t use his mind? Because of education. Knowing the rules of the game and by game, I mean life, helps you play the game better, helps you succeed at the game, helps you play it smarter. And I think that’s the main difference. It wasn’t the other fellow might have some lucky break or unlucky breaks, I might’ve had some lucky breaks, get it, cool. But the focus on education that my parents had, the focus on making sure that I get into good schools, that I read, that I excel, I do the best I can. That other fellow didn’t have that, right?

Knowing the rules of the game allows you to save time, to access different resources, to be able to use the resources that you have access to. If you’re in a new country and you don’t know the language, you can have a lottery ticket, but you won’t know how to read it. It also allows you to speak up and have confidence and say something when the rules of the game are not adhered to. So if someone’s taking advantage of you, you know how to fight back, right? And people who are uneducated get taken advantage of all the time. Instead of living in fear and accepting that, “Oh, things are just the way they are. That’s the way it is. I can’t do anything about it.” You can actually do things about it. You can make things happen. Now, just take credit, the whole credit score and your whole credit report, for an example.

Somebody who knows how credit works can improve their score. They can use credit cards responsibly. They can get cheaper rates on a mortgage and their insurance. They can manipulate airline miles and card points to get free travel and free trips like I do. Compare that to somebody who doesn’t understand how credit works and they mess it up because they don’t understand the value, and then they have trouble all along their life, even renting an apartment, they have trouble. So they can’t rent one of the better apartments, even if they can afford it. They just won’t give it to you because you have bad credit, so what do you have to do? You have to go to a worse part of town to get a crummy apartment. And if you rented there, well, guess what, your child goes to a school district that’s not as good as the one in the good part of town.

And so the cycle continues because your child doesn’t get the same education that he should get. Now I don’t want to get into what’s right, and what’s wrong, and all that stuff. This is the way life is. That’s the way the world works, right? That’s why I continue to be shocked when people who have a chance to get education, say no. People who want to trade, people who want to learn how to increase their finances, refuse to pay for the training, for the education, to learn how to do that, for the shortcut. They think that maybe they can just get it by on YouTube videos. “Yeah, I’m going to learn everything on YouTube.” “Okay.” The problem with that is, they don’t know what they don’t know. You could watch YouTube all day till you’re blue in the face, till your eyes pop out.

But it doesn’t mean you’re going to be a great trader because you don’t know what you don’t know. And even the person on the other end of the YouTube video whose making the YouTube video might not know what they don’t know. The real gems, the truths, the gold, is not shared on YouTube videos or any other free information. It’s not. Something that is so valuable to me, I’m not going to just give it out because people don’t value it. And if there is truly a secret, if there is a secret system or a secret plan, if I go and share with the world, tell everybody about it, “Here, do this, do this.” Eventually it’s going to stop working. So why would I do that?

I know I can share it with a few people. I can’t share with the whole world, right? We had one fellow call in the other day. He applied to be part of our oil options program. And he went on and on about how desperate he is for a system that works and how he’s been trying for so long and all the things he wants to do and do good stuff with making the money and help the world, all that stuff. He’s confident that our system works and he’s going to do everything in his power to execute and to do whatever we tell him, how we teach it. But then we told him the investment in the program and his response was like, “Oh, I would never pay that amount.” We actually have it on recording. He was funny. We record all the calls. “Oh, I would never pay that on my own.”

Now keep in mind that it’s not like we were asking for a super, super high amount, okay? With a decent sized account, you can make back in a month or two, what we’re asking, and then trade that way for the rest of your life. So it’s not like we’re asking for a million dollars. But the whole idea of paying for coaching repelled this guy. It was like a block in his brain. It’s like, “No, no, no, I can’t do that. That’s not possible.” Some people have that for murdering. “I could never murder anybody.” Same thing, “Oh, I could never pay for a coaching.” It’s against my morals. It’s against my values. It’s against the way I live.”

Okay. That’s why trading, most of it is mindset. If you’re not willing to invest in yourself, your investments will suffer. The easiest and fastest way to success in trading, and just about anything, is to find somebody who’s already doing well, learn from them, go to the source, see who’s doing it right now, that thing that you want to do and learn from that person. Copying them is not enough. If you can’t get to the person, you can try copying them, but you’re not going to learn everything. It’s not going to be the same thing, because you don’t know the nuances. You don’t know what they’ve tested and what has worked and what didn’t work. You can try to copy them, but trust me, it’s not the same thing. You don’t know what you don’t know, unless you get the education.

So if you’ve been blessed with a college education, I mean, thank your parents or whoever paid for it and be grateful that you had the chance to go and that it allowed you to have a better quality of life. And maybe you didn’t go to college, but you still struggled hard. And you made a success out of yourself, but you did get educated some way somehow, maybe you read on your own. Maybe you did it, but you took the time to put in the effort and you learned. But most likely, if you want the shortcut, you go to the teacher, you learn from them, right? That’s the way it works. Because who knows where you would be without it. If you weren’t educated, where would you be right now?

I hate to think about it because I couldn’t even make as much money as that day laborer guy because I don’t know how to do anything with my hands, seriously. And that is the difference between the trader who is struggling, trying to figure out their way in the trading world and the day laborer. And the trader who understands that he needs to get educated properly so that his trading can improve to get him to the level where he can have everything he wants in his life. There’s a big difference, it’s a total mental shift. If you show me a successful trader, I will show you a person who either paid their dues and traded for years without real success, or they had a mentor and they took the shortcut, and usually, it’s both. You need the mentor and you still need to put in the work, okay?

Because when you do, it’s worth it because the world is at your feet. Anything you want is yours if you do this right. If you educate yourself, put in the work, there’s nothing you can’t do. And what is the alternative? You already know the answer to that question. The alternative is whatever you have now. If you don’t succeed at trading, okay. For some of you that’s okay. For that guy who called on the phone, maybe his current life is okay. And I could go on and on about the many benefits of paying for the shortcut, right? Paying for the education. But it comes down to this. How badly do you really want it? If you don’t want it bad enough, take your time, dilly dally, watch YouTube videos. No problem. You might learn something once a week or something, eventually you might learn something.

Hopefully the video you’re watching is actually the truth and it’s up to date and it’s not outdated. And that methods, whatever they’re teaching or showing you still works. And they show you everything, because that’s what they do on these videos, they don’t show you everything. They want you to pay. They want you to pay up for the real stuff. But if your desire keeps you up at night, if you know that you were born to live a life of plenty, do the smart thing and get educated, find a mentor, pay for access to him and soak it all up. That is truly the best shortcut you can take in trading. And it’s not cheating.

Some people say, “Oh, that’s cheating.” No, it’s not cheating. Paying to get ahead of the line is not cheating. When I go to Disney world, I don’t want to wait in line, I’m going to pay for that fast pass. I don’t want to wait two hours for every single ride. I want to enjoy myself. I want to have as much fun. I want to get what I want as soon as possible. And I’m willing to pay to do that. It’s learning the rules of the game so you can apply them to your benefit and that you do by paying for the education. So that’s it for this episode. Remember to trade with the odds in your favor. Until next time.

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