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In this episode, Kori takes over the podcast to share the results of her first ever trade and the results.

Hi, traders. It’s Kori today, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m the customer satisfaction manager here at option genius. I handle everything related to well, you guys from customer service, incoming coaching students.

I’m talking to you guys today because something really cool happens like really, really, really cool. And I’m super excited. a month or two ago, I started going through the passive trading formula. It took me a while because halfway through the course portion, I decided I wanted to make a workbook for all of you guys to make learning easier. So all your incoming students, you’re welcome.

But that’s beside the point. Let’s get to the exciting stuff. My whole life. I’ve been worried about finances, my parents’ finances, my siblings, and especially mine. I don’t know why. But I’ve always been fixated on them. Because of that, it’s always been very important to me, that I’m smart with my finances. I don’t want to be you know, I can’t be in debt, I need to make sure that I have more than enough to cover my expenses. And saving is a huge deal for me, I always want to be sure that I’m making the right decisions financially.

So when I first started working at option genius, which was around nine or 10 months ago, I believe I was super excited. Because that way I had the option and the ability to learn firsthand how to trade options. But despite that, I was really scared. So I kept pushing it off farther and farther. Because I didn’t want to lose money. I was terrified of losing money, because when it’s in my savings, it’s safe.

Even though I you know, I’d seen Allen trade and I’d watched his account grow as well as our students accounts, I was still super scared. But I knew logically that if I just did it the way I was taught in the end, I would make money. But again, I was scared. But one day I was watching Allen put on a trade and I decided that if I was ever going to learn how to trade it had to be now otherwise I would just keep pushing it off and pushing it off and pushing it off.

So when I got home that day, I decided that I was going to go ahead and go through the course right then in there. While I was going through the program, I decided to put on my first options trade using the passive trading formula. I was super nervous. But I followed Allen’s formula to a tee, which was obviously the right call, as you’ll see later. My favorite part. So I picked one of my watchlist stocks, Disney, I saw that it was going up on the chart and looked like he was going to continue that trend. So I decided to put on a call credit spread.

I’m pretty conservative when it comes to risk. So I made sure to choose one with an 85% probability of profit, I had a lot of confidence in the trade. So I went ahead and put on 10 contracts, which made the margin requirement around $5,000.

For that spread, I felt so accomplished after that the initial rush of having put on my own trade was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever felt something like that in my life. I think it was because it was my first real step in my trading journey and something I’d worried I’d mess up for a long time. You know, because I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while. And that was it was a big leap for me. The first week I was in the trade was pretty nerve racking. I’m just kidding. I was actually really calm through the whole process.

Having worked with Allen really helped me see how well the formula works. And it gave me that confidence that I needed to not worry. Am I checked in on the trade around every four days I believe in the beginning it was showing I was down a couple of dollars here and there. And but as the trade kept going, I saw that it kept going up. Like one day was at $10 the next day was up $45. And then last Friday, it was up $585 that’s crazy, right? Once I saw how much it was up, it was around 12% I think I decided it was time to exit the trade. Unfortunately, it was after the market closed.

So I went ahead and put in the the closing order so that when the market opened on Monday, I would be out I was a little scared doing that. Because what if the market went down over the weekend and my trade ended up not working out. That was a big concern for me. It didn’t really matter in the end, because today when I checked my account, I was out of the trade with a 12% profit. I ended up making $600 on that trade, my first ever all by myself no help from out on trade. I was so excited. I just had to share with you guys.

Having a winning trade is always great. But having a winning trade. The first time you put one on is amazing. I’m literally jumping up and down right now in my chair. I feel like my confidence in myself has shot through the roof, not just with trading but everything in general, because now I know that I have the skills to be able to trade profitably for the rest of my life. Thank you guys so much for listening. And as Allen always says, trade with the odds in your favor.


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