September Option Trade Results: Gain of 8.78%

September Option Trade Results: Another great month for members.

Even with the markets continuing their climb higher, we still
are turning in a better than market performance. Not to mention
that is beating the pants of just about every
mutual fund out there!

Option Trade Results

September gains: 8.78%

That makes the S&P 500’s 3.57% gain in September gain look puny.

It’s not too late to get in on October trades.

There is no way to tell when the market will slow down or
reverse and drop again. Wouldn’t it make sense to diversify
your portfolio with some trades that are actively managed by a
professional trader with his own money on the line?

That’s right. I trade my own real money at and
I hate to lose.

I expect to end the year with a gain of over 50%. That’s alot
less than the 102% I made lat year, but I challenge you to find
any investment that will make over 50% for the entire year of
2009, not just from the March lows.

Try out my site, it’s only $1 and papertrade my trades to see if
I am telling the truth (I am) or just full of hot air (like all
the “experts” on the TV and radio).

Need help in option selling?

If you are not onboard, maybe it’s time to join. Got questions? Please feel free to leave them in the comment section below and check our blog post for more options selling and options commission advisory and tips.

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