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Options Commissions: This 1 Trick Can Save You Thousands

Option Trading Commissions Last week the stock prices of all the major retail brokerage houses took a hit, down several percent. The reason: There is now a price war in commissions. One options brokerage dropped their commission per stock trade from $7.95 per trade to $4.95 per trade. And then another lowered theirs as well.…

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Online Investing Made Easier! Now Autotrading With Autoshares

Online investing has never been easy! Great News! We have just added another great broker for our members to autotrade with: AutoShares is a Division of ViewTrade Securities, Inc., Members of FINRA and SIPC. Since 1998, ViewTrade Securities, Inc., (VTS) has provided market access, technology, trade execution, and investment banking services to clientele in more than 17+…

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Help In Choosing An Option Broker

Reliable Options Broker Here’s a question from a member about how to choose the right option broker and my response: There is something that has me wondering.  If you do a trade such as Iron Condor that has multiple components (4) or a vertical spread (2) can you change or adjust just one or two…

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