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Option Calendar Spread Update 10/5/2010

Calendar spread strategy update Option Calendar Spread Update: Oh oh, GLD jumped up today along with the rest of the market. You’d think that if the stock market goes up because the economy is getting better than Gold would go down. Nope. So I guess the economy is not the reason the market is up…

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Weekly Calendar Spread in GLD

Weekly options calendar Weekly calendar spread: Yesterday I added a GLD trade to the portfolio and I mentioned that GLD might be a good candidate for a Calendar Spread. Several members emailed me asking to explain how to set up the option trade and the parameters so I decided to just post it on…

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Gold Trading: Should You Be Buying Gold?

Gold Trading: Is Gold a bubble or the trade of a lifetime? Maybe both. I have not been in the gold trade myself. But several of my members are, and doing very well so far. Here is a chart provide by one such member. It shows that the stock of gold companies, miners, etc continue…

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