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Stock Option Strategies – 4 Strategies You Can Trade

What is option trading? New to option trading? Not sure what the difference is between a butterfly, a condor, or a mouse? (Hint: there is no strategy called “mouse”) In this video I open up one of my personal trading accounts to show you 4 trades that are all of a different strategy. We have…

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How Options Work: How Do Options Expire?

How Options Work Q:  Dear Allen, I am pretty new to the option trading and that’s why have to ask this very basic question. You are sometimes coming with a recommendation  “Will have to hold to expiration”. I would like to get better understanding of the processes that happen at the expiration day.  Could you…

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Investing in Options: Seller Makes $455,000 in 9 Days

This article is from Not only does the article tell the story of how the option trader did it, but also gives you the trade he is in right NOW. One thing I want to point out is that this trade had very little risk for this trader. Why? Because it seems that…

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