How To Trade The Iron Condor
Taught by Allen Sama
Looking to improve your results with the Iron Condor?

Or are you looking to get started in Condors?

Then this class is for you.

This ultimate class contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of condor trading. Think of this class as your key to to income on demand.

This class is the results of literally thousands of trades and thousands of hours spent mastering the Iron Condor.
How To Trade The Iron Condor contains everything you could want to know about understanding and trading the Iron Condor, from entry to exit.


Get an A to Z understanding of how the Iron Condor works in simple English. 


Win a greater % of trades by adjusting. Become an adjustment wizard.


Set up your trades with high probability of success for potential double digit monthly gains.


You will be provided 3 tested Iron Condor Trading Plans. These are complete with Rules, Adjustments, Enty and Exit points.


How to use money management, stop losses, and trade (time in trade) selection to avoid the large losses that kill the average Iron Condor trader.


At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to start trading the next day.
“My uncle trades options on a regular basis and raves about how safe and lucrative they are (the way he trades them), but for the life of me I could never understand his explanation of what he does. I've tried wading through books on the subject but have felt frustrated in gathering no more than a rudimentary understanding of how options work. In about 45 minutes with your lessons the light bulb above my head has finally flashed on. I get it. Thank you, thank you, for your simple, straight forward illustrations. You're writing on a level I can understand. I feel great confidence I can do this with your help.”
Todd Norris - Garland, TX
This is a self-study course. You can proceed at your own pace.
Over 9 hours of video content plus a lot more is included.
The course is broken up into five separate phases.
Pre-Course Content: For those new to options and selling options.

Lesson 1: All About The Iron Condor and How To Trade Them

Learn how to trade condors in juts a few minutes a day with an 80% probability of winning, and the potential to make 10% ROI or more per month.

Lesson 2: The Trading Plan

We give you 3 actual Trading Plans that you can put to work right away. We also backtest them together so you can see exactly how to trade them.

Lesson 3: Q&A Session.

This is a recorded session of Allen answering questions from past students. If your questions are not answered here, email them to us and Allen will answer personally.

Lesson 4: Adjustments (Over 3 Hours of Them!)

Allen takes a look at some of his craziest Iron Condor trades over the years and goes through them, day by day to explain exactly what he was thinking, how he adjusted the trade, and why he chose one adjustment over another. This was a marathon 3 hour plus session by itself.
A Class Based On Facts
The material was developed by Traders for Traders. The OptionGenius team have traded Iron Condors successfully for years. When learning a skill, it it is very important to learn from someone who does what they teach. We do this stuff, everyday.
A Word From The Instructor

“I fell in love with Iron Condors years ago. It took a few years and thousands of trades but I got pretty good at trading them. Let me show you why you should trade them, how I make a living trading them, and how you can do the same."
Time waits for no man. Retirement is coming. Will you be ready?
Let's Do This.
You even get a 100% money back guarantee.
Just email us for a refund anytime within 30 days for a full refund.
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if you join now.
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