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Who is Market Power for?

If you have been searching for a way to be consistently profitable, making quick, simple trades, then Market Power might be for you.

It is for people who can follow a simple set of rules.

It is for those that want trading to be simplified, elegant, and just work without all the guesswork.

It is for those who are ready to stop following the sheep that think “you cannot beat the averages.” That is Wall Street B.S.

It is for those who want to take their trading from just being a hobby…to the next level.

If you have trouble knowing WHAT to trade, exactly WHEN to trade, and HOW to react if it doesn’t go the way you expected…you are in the right place.

If you have spent tons of money on programs, courses, automated trading, only to be utterly disappointed…that is about the change.

Trading is a zero sum game, and to win, you have to have a real tangible EDGE.

Are you ready to have an EDGE?

Market Power is unlike any method you’ve heard of before…

Instead We Make Our Profits With The Power of ONE...

ONE Market
ONE Indicator
ONE Trade
  • ONE Market
  • ONE Indicator
  • ONE Trade
  • ONE Day

The Power of Market Power lies in its Premise.

There is a pattern that occurs repeatedly in the S&P 500.

This pattern has been occurring for years, and if you know how to see the pattern you can take advantage of it.

Being able to read this pattern is our EDGE.

We only trade when we have this EDGE.

It’s simple…when the pattern occurs, our indicator gives off a Signal.

When you get a Signal, you place a trade following the Market Power Method.
See a Signal … Place a Trade
What trade? A 1 DTE (Days to Expiration) Credit Spread on SPX.

Place a trade today, it is over tomorrow. This will greatly reduce your exposure to market moves.

Only SPX, (the S&P 500 Index). Not SPY, Not /ES…only SPX.

Only Credit Spreads which is a strategy where you sell options.

Our trades give us a high ROI with limited risk, and a very high statistical probability of winning.

The Missing Link

As you can see the results are pretty good, and while past performance is not an indicator of future performance, the fact that this performance has been happening for years is pretty neat.

But in the past, we were missing one piece that would make this Method unbeatable.

Whenever we would have a losing trade, we would just take the loss.

That changed in June 2022, when the Chicago Board of Options introduced a new type of Option.

Thanks to this new creation, we are now able to “Adjust” any bad trades, and this gives us the ability to potentially…

Fix Any Bad Trades So We Either 1. Lose Less 2. Break Even or 3. Turn It Into a Profit

When you know how to read the Market Power Indicator, use the Trading Plan, and the Adjustment Method…then the question isn’t if you can trade…but rather, how much do you want to make?

Let's look at the math...

If your goal is to make $1,000 a month and we average 5% on 7 trades a month, you would need $3,000 per trade.

How much cash you keep in reserve depends on how conservative you are (we cover this in detail in the course)…but

If you keep 50% in reserve you would need $6k to make $1k per month.

If you keep 75% in reserve you would need $12K to make $1k per month.

Bottom line: Even if you are super conservative, and keep 75% of your cash in reserve, you can still have a 100% yearly ROI of your entire account value.

(Trader Tip: There are ways to keep very little in reserve if you have other trades or stocks in the same account.)

Here’s how you will do it.

  • The Market Power Indicator alerts you that it is a Market Power day and you have a Signal.
  • We only trade on Signal Days
  • You then sell the appropriate Credit Spread on SPX that expires the next day.
  • We only sell Credit Spreads
  • ​We only Trade on SPX
  • ​We only trade 1 DTE (days to expiration)
  • If the trade goes well, which they overwhelmingly do, either the trade expires worthless, or you exit the trade early. Both scenarios result in a 4-8% overnight gain.
  • If the trade goes against you, you follow the Adjustment Plan to exit the current trade and place another one. You might break even or even come out ahead.
  • Total time needed: An average of 10 minutes per trade.
What's Included In The Market Power Method…
  • Access to the Market Power Indicator on our website. Login anytime from anywhere in the world to see the Market Power Indicator in real time.
  • Access to the Market Power Mobile App so you can easily check the Indicator on your phone/tablet. No need to be watching from a computer. Works with Apple and Android.
  • Complete Market Power Method Video Course – Everything you need to know to use the Market Power Method.
  • Introduction to Options Module – if you are new to options, this module covers all the basics you need.
  • Adjustment Module – know exactly what to do when a trade goes bad to save it. Get the complete training with real money trade examples.
  • App notifications on your phone when there is a Trade Signal…so you do not have to continuously check for a signal during the day.
  • Trade suggestions. When there is a Signal, at least 2 trades will be displayed that conform to the Market Power Method guidelines. No need to waste time searching for a qualifying trade.
  • Be part of the Market Power Trader Community. Chat with the coaches and other traders. Share trades and fill prices. This also includes Market Power Squared where our members share other ways they use the Indicator to find more trades and improve their results.
  • SPX Price Alerts. You can be notified instantly on the App when SPX hits a price you set. This makes monitoring your trades easy as pie.
You have full access to EVERYTHING you need to become a consistently profitable trader with Market Power!


What's Included: 

  • Market Power Indicator
  • ​Market Power Mobile App
  • ​Complete Market Power Method Video Course
  • ​Introduction to Options Module
  • ​Adjustment Module


  • App Notification Of Trade Signal
  • ​Trade Recommendations
  • ​Market Power Trader Community Access
  • ​SPX Strike Price Alert System w/Notifications

$1997 For Instant Access Today, then $197 monthly after the first 30 days

(Just $1,000 a month, for 3 months)...
then $197 per month after your first year.
  • Market Power Indicator
  • Market Power Mobile App
  • Complete Market Power Method Video Course
  •  Introduction to Options Module
  • Adjustment Module
(Just $1,000 a month, for 5 months)...
then $197 per month after your first year.
  • Market Power Indicator
  • Market Power Mobile App
  • Complete Market Power Method Video Course
  •  Introduction to Options Module
  • Adjustment Module
  • App Notification Of Trade Signal
  • Trade Recommendations
  • Market Power Trader
    Community Access
  • SPX Price Notifications

Still On The Fence? Take A Test Drive...
If even after seeing our performance and success stories, you are still not sure about Market Power, then how about you take it for a trial?

Join us today while there are still spots open and get access to everything for 30 days. If it is not for you, let us know before you get rebilled (30 days after you sign up), and we will cancel all future payments. **Initial payment will not be refunded.

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