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You now have everything you need to choose and adjust your trades.  You will be getting download instructions for The Option Seller's Adjustment Cheatsheet in your email box shortly.


You should already have the helpful trading map we just sent you in email as well as the Option Seller's Adjustment Cheatsheet.


Just follow the stop by step instructions in the Trading Map and use the CheatSheet whenever a trade gets in trouble.


At this point, you might be thinking, “What if I need some help?”  Glad you asked.


Because I would love to help.


We have created a way for you to get direct access to me, for all your trading questions.

But just asking questions is not enough.


The best way to learn a new skill is to emulate a mentor. Find someone who is already doing well and do what he/she is doing.


That’s why I created


For people to follow along with me and “watch” me trade.


And because you are now an owner of my “secrets", my Adjustments, I am going to make you a super amazing offer that is not available anywhere else.


Normally I charge $79 per month for membership to my site.


But if you act right now, I will grant you a 6 month membership for only $239!


That’s like paying for 3 months and getting 3 free. Or getting a 50% discount!


Oh, and if you want to join for a year, it is only $339!  That’s a savings of 65%!


Here’s what you get as a premium member:

1.  Experience: Our traders have years of experience in multiple strategies. We do this all day long.

2.  Trade Selection: Our professional traders and I, scan hundreds of potential trades and only suggest the ones I feel have the  best risk/reward and chance to work in our favor.

3.  Vigilance: We monitor each position daily and email  members if there is any action needed.  We put our money where our mouth is: I will be in every  trade suggested with my own money.

4.  Guidance: Members can email me with any questions.

5.  Risk Management: We use a set stop loss which protects  against large losses.


Membership Benefits:

-  Between 3-5 carefully selected suggestions per month
-  Pick and choose which suggestion to trade
-  We adjust when needed
-  Constant vigilance of open positions and the general  market
-  Market and trade updates when needed
-  Unlimited Access to our Secured Member’s Area
-  Unlimited Email Support - Basically, I give you the trades I am doing and you can ask me anything, anytime via email and get a direct response from me.


This offer is not going to be repeated. You won’t find it anywhere else on our site.


You have 72 hours take me up on this offer, and then you are out of time.


But there is no pressure. Why?


Because the service comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If within 30 days, you don’t think you need it, just email us and ask for a refund. And you can cancel anytime.


After your initial membership ( 6 or 12 months depending on what you choose), you will be billed at $79 per month.


But I am sure you will stay a member for a long time.


Get started today by clicking on one of the big buttons below.

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