Welcome To Market Power!

In order to receive an alert when there is a trading Signal and other notifications, you will need to download the OptionGenius mobile App to your device.

Step 1: Download App from your application store, or use buttons below.
Step 2: Login using user id/password sent to your email.
Step 3: Enable Notifications on your app.

(You will find these instructions on the first module of your program as well)

Enable Push Notifications:

Push notifications will be the primary way that we alert you that it is a potential Market Power Day. It is important that you have the proper settings in your app, in order to receive these notifications. (in a future update we will have more selections on how and what type of notifications you wish to receive)

Step One: On the home screen of the OptionGenius app, select the “Alerts” button, at the bottom of the screen. See Image.

Step Two: Be sure to set the Enable Push Notifications to the “on” setting. You will see that it turns green.

This will enable use to send you push notifications to alert you of a possible Market Power Day.

Step 1 - Push Alerts Button on Home Screen
Step 2 - Enable Push Notifications