This is really cool. It’s like having a professional trader trade your account for you without paying anything extra or sharing your profits. It’s an added free feature of our option trading service.

Autotrade is where, once it is set up, you can have your account traded for you, automatically.

Let me explain: You tell your broker that you want to autotrade with OptionGenius. Then everytime we send out a trade, the broker will execute the trade for you in your account. Of course you have to be a member of OptionGenius and you have to have a funded account with the broker.

Automated options trading is a direct agreement between you and your broker – not between you and OptionGenius. OptionGenius has no control over your account. If you sign up for autotrading, OptionGenius will, to the best of our ability, send a email with trade suggestion to your broker at the same time that it is sent to all subscribers. At that point, your broker will place any suggestions on your behalf based on your agreement with your broker. If for any reason we are unable to send out an email to your broker, your broker will not execute the suggestion on your behalf.

Option Trading Service

This is great for people who work during the day and cannot access their computers. The broker will follow my trade alert and try to fill your order for you.

WARNING: There is no guarantee that you will get filled. We do try to keep track and try to make sure everyone gets filled but neither Option Genius or the brokers can guarantee this. You are still responsible for checking your account to see if the trade went through.

Keep in mind that you can stop autotrade whenever you want, and at no time does OptionGenius have any control over your money. It is always in the broker’s bank and we do not get paid any part of the commissions based on how many trades we do. In fact autotrade is a free feature from us because members who autotrade stay as members much longer than average.

Currently we are autotrading with the following brokers:



3. Interactive Brokers (through Global Autotrading)

4. Halifax America

If your preferred broker is not listed here, please email them and tell them you would like to autotrade with OptionGenius options trading system and have them contact us.

Options Trading System

To start Autotrading all you need to do is

  1. Become a member of OptionGenius options trading system.
  2. Have a funded account at any broker listed above.
  3. Call the broker and ask for the autotrade desk and tell them you want to autotrade
  4. Fill out the proper paperwork with the broker and choose how to have your money allocated per trade. We suggest you choose to have your money allocated based on a % of recommendation.
  5. Once they verify with us that you are a member you are all set. You will still get the trade emails, but the broker will take care of the trading for you.