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Options Investment: Everybody Is Trading Options

Trading Options is growing like gangbusters. Good news for us is that the first step for someone new to options will be will learning to buy and sell options, not sell. And so option sellers like us, will have more volume and liquidity to work with. Here is a video of the crazy man Jim Cramer…

When Do I Buy Back A Credit Spread?

Why you should buy back your spreads with a real life example

How Do You Scan For Option Trades?

Hello OptionGenius. I have been trading credit spreads for about 3 months now with some success.  I read the nine part  course and realize that my past training didn’t discuss much about selection of trades and adjustment of trades.  When I was looking around the website, I saw a brief reference on how you scan…

Option Selling Question: Getting Good Trade Execution

How to get good execution when trading options