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Finally individual investors can receive education in the art of selling options.

Option Selling Question: Getting Good Trade Execution

How to get good execution when trading options

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Calculating Profit Potential and Max Loss on an Options Trade.

The first thing to determine is whether the trade is a debit trade, where you pay money for the trade, or a credit trade, where you get money. Iron condors and credit spreads are two examples of credit spreads. Butterflies and Calendar Spreads are debit spreads. OptionsTrade Debit Spread With a debit spread, the max…

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More Investors Trying the Options Trading Play: Wall Street Journal

Here’s an interesting options trading article today in the WSJ talk about how more and more small investors are trading options. The sad part is most of these investors do not the true danger of the options they are trading. Only too late do they realize that buying options is a losing proposition. The good…

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