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Options Commissions: This 1 Trick Can Save You Thousands

Option Trading Commissions Last week the stock prices of all the major retail brokerage houses took a hit, down several percent. The reason: There is now a price war in commissions. One options brokerage dropped their commission per stock trade from $7.95 per trade to $4.95 per trade. And then another lowered theirs as well.…

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The Worst Thing About Being an Option Seller

As on option seller, there’s a chance that you get this unexpected type of attraction. Got a call from a friend yesterday. You probably have gotten a call like this one before. I am not going to reveal his name, let’s call him Joe. Joe calls up and got right to the point. “Allen, I…

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Divorced? How To Get Free Money From Your Ex

Getting divorced sucks. But if you know this trick, which most people don’t, then you can still cash in thanks to your ex. By Sharon Epperson Original article at: http://www.cnbc.com/2016/06/30/5-ways-to-get-your-exs-social-security-benefits.html What you need to know about Social Security and divorce. You and your ex have gone your separate ways, but your Social Security benefits may…

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The Last Webinar

(Options Trading) I just watched the replay of a webinar done by a couple guys I have never heard of before. Don’t know how I even heard about this – got an email about it or something. But the topic of the webinar caught my attention and I had to watch it. Basically, one of…

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The Secret Of Living

“The secret to living is giving.” – Tony Robbins We often think of “financial influence” in a negative way, such as corrupt government officials, massive corporations using lobbyists to mold the law to their own advantage, or wealthy individuals buying their way out of trouble. But have you ever thought of financial influence as the…

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