Options Investment Returns for 2009

OptionGenius.com reports a positive options investment return on investment of 47.18% for 2009 and a 5.73% ROI for December.

Houston, Texas, January 20, 2009 – OptionGenius.com, a stock option selling advisory service for individual investors, reported monthly gains for December 2009 of 5.73% and a gain of 47.18% for the year of 2009.

Founded by Allan Sama, OptionGenius.com lets anyone see Sama’s actual option trades and adjustments through real-time updates; by making the same trades themselves, OptionGenius.com members can enjoy the average 8% to 10% monthly returns Sama consistently achieves. Even with the Dow down 34% in 2008, Sama and his members made 102.14% for the year.

Options Investment

By limiting the number of trades to only those with a 75% or higher probability of success, OptionGenius.com (http://www.optiongenius.com) has far outpaced the stock market the past few years.

The trades for December were in

  • SPX – the S&P 500 Index
  • RUT – the Russell 2000 Index
  • MNX – the Mini NASDAQ 100 Index

Best option trading platform and service

While Sama continues to make above average gains, he does not promise any home runs. In fact, while other advisory services proclaim trades that net 100-1000%, Sama aims for 10% on each trade.

“As an option seller, I look for base hits. I want a couple singles and maybe a double each month. I use strategies that bring me consistent income month after month, no matter what the market is doing. It could be up, down, or sideways and I can still profit” says Sama.

To learn more about OptionGenius.com or to try the service for $1.00, visit http://www.optiongenius.com.


  1. samir shah on January 20, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    if i have 100k will i be able to make trades in that size portfolio once i get the handle on how u trade with a smaller amt size account?

    my question is will i be able to get the 40-50 percent on a bigger size account?


  2. Genius on January 21, 2010 at 11:59 am

    Yes you can.
    I use a small account, $10,000 as my example because not everyone has $100k. But if you do, then option selling is still a great way to invest. And, if you have 100k you can qualify for a Portfolio Margin account with your broker which will allow you to trade in even larger size. You need less cash to make the same returns as a smaller account.

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