Credit Spread

Glimpse of Genius Trade for January 2014 – FDX

So far the Glimpse of Genius trades are doing very well. Last month’s trade expired worthless for the full profit. This one is using the same strategy as last month – the credit spread. The trade is on FDX which is Fedex. There are 30 days to expiration. The Trade: Sell Feb 135 Puts Buy…

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(Credit Spread) Glimpse Trade: 12/16/13: AMZN

AMZN: Credit Spread This is a simple credit spread using PUTS on By using Puts that means the trade is bullish to neutral. What I want is for the stock to stay above the short strike. As long as it does that the trade will make money. If you look at a chart of…

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(Options Selling) Glimpse trade: QQQ

11/14/2013 This trade is fairly simple. It is called a credit spread and it is being done on the Nasdaq 100 ETF. Symbol: QQQ Sell to Open Dec 80 Puts (.38) Buy to Open Dec 79 Puts (.28) for a credit of .10 If you do one contract of this trade the maximum you can…

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