Podcast – Episode 120 – Is Trading A Job Or a Business?

  Podcast Transcript Hey, this is Allen from option genius. And I am coming to you today from Galveston, which is a beach. So I drove down here today took day off, you know, just hanging out, get some time to think, enjoy the weather. It’s not that hot, it’s not that cold. But then…

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Podcast – Episode 117 – 2 Bulls In a China Shop Plus Allen

  Podcast Transcript Welcome Passive Traders to another special edition of the Option Genius Podcast. Today I have something a little bit different for you. I was interviewed on another show called “2 Bulls in A China Shop” by a company called Financial Ineptitude. That’s actually their name,Financial Ineptitud. Basically, it’s two guys. You know,…

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Podcast – Episode 114 – Why Passive Traders Are Happier

  Podcast Transcript Did you know that passive traders are some of the happiest traders out there? That’s true. I’ll tell you why in this episode. So the longer I trade, and I’ve been doing this, geez, it’s been it’s been a while. Okay. But it’s been a while. And the longer I do it,…

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