Netflix has ruined me

At my house we still have cable TV.

It’s expensive but I am in love with the DVR. I record my football games and start watching them before they are finished by forwarding through the commercials and sometimes through most of the game.

Along with the cable, they offer lots of On Demand movies and recent shows as well.

We also have Netflix, Amazon Video, and Disney Plus. It’s TV overload.

One of the shows my wife and I enjoy is The Good Doctor. It gets recorded on the DVR and whenever there is a new episode we snuggle after the kids have gone to bed and watch. (I cover my eyes during the operation scenes. That stuff grosses my out.)

It’s something we look forward to doing together and it happens once a week.

But with these streaming services, the bingeing has become a problem.

Currently I am binge watching Narcos. It’s been less than a week and I am already mid way through season 2.

Since I started bingeing, I have been wasting a huge amount of time of shows that I don’t even like much.

I hated Breaking Bad…but I watched the whole thing.

Same with The 100….oh man, I wanted all those people to just die so it would end.

At least Narcos has a great story…and I love true stories.

But it is depressing. Watching that many people get brutally killed in less than a week can really mess with your head.

And since Corona, binge watching has become a national pastime.

But I am fighting back!

I’m tired of wasting so much time on this stuff. So I am going to stop (as soon as I finish Narcos) 🙂

What are the things you know you waste time on?

The things that take you away from your family, friends, or goals and do not provide enough value for the time they take up?

Pick one and cut it out…but before you do…choose what beneficial activity you will replace it with. It’s easier to break a habit with another habit than with nothing at all.

Don’t forget…

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Allen “Patron” Sama

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