Stock Option Strategies – 4 Strategies You Can Trade

What is option trading?

New to option trading?

Not sure what the difference is between a butterfly, a condor, or a mouse?

(Hint: there is no strategy called “mouse”)

In this video I open up one of my personal trading accounts to show you 4 trades that are all of a different strategy. We have a naked put in oil futures options, a butterfly in Berkshire Hathaway, an iron condor in LVS, and a straddle in LVS. All four trades are doing well.

Watch the video to see how they look on the risk graphs as well as how they are made up and work.

Awesome Options Trading Program

In the optiongenius portfolio we do not do naked puts or straddles, but we do a lot of iron condors and some butterflies. In times of low volatility with the VIX below 30 these non directional strategies work wonderfully. In high volatility markets, they can work as well but with adjustments and a quicker trigger finger to take profits quickly.

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  1. Rowena Lim on April 30, 2013 at 12:55 am

    These are really useful info for me. I’m just beginning to understand options trading and options strategy makes so much sense now after watching your video!

  2. Chieko on October 20, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    The scales and trading tables showing the strike price are so small so I couldn’t understand the strategies “channeling” or “strangle”. I wish I could see the figures on the chart in the video. the screen needs to be bigger so you can see how much you can make and where the breaking point is. I like the clear picture of the 3 types of strategies. Just wish that the screen was bigger so I could see the tables bigger.

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