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oday I wanted to talk to you about the trader’s journey. At least he that’s what I call it. I like to learn about marketing. I don’t know, it’s just one of my things. I just I enjoy marketing. And I think it’s because it’s a lot about psychology. And so even in trading, you have to understand Psychology because, you know, people are what make markets and so when people are reacting or behaving a certain way, if you understand it, then you can profit from it. Right? So in marketing, one of the things that I’ve been learning about recently is something called the hero’s journey. Now, the hero’s journey is a common.. now it’s common way to tell stories. So whether it’s a movie or a book, most likely the most, you know, the most famous movies, the most famous books, the ones that you really enjoy, they follow this trajectory, this story arc, which is called the hero’s journey.

Now, basically, what it means is that there’s obviously a hero, right, and there has to be a hero in every story, cannot be vague, it has to be very clear who the hero of the story is. Secondly, the hero has to want something, right, it just can’t be about a guy just going about his daily life, because that would be boring. And we can all do that ourselves. So the hero has to want something. And then the problem occurs that there is a problem or a blockage, that is stopping the hero from getting that thing, right? So there is something that he needs to go or do or overcome, or there’s people in the way, and then there is usually a guide. So a person or a tool or something that helps the hero. Now this is kind of like the Obi wan to Luke, or the Dumbledore to Harry Potter, right? There’s, there’s somebody that’s guiding them along the way. And then at the end, the climax happens when the hero achieves his goal, or sometimes doesn’t, right. And a lot of times in the more deeper stories, the thing that the hero has to overcome is external, which means that he has to actually do accomplish something or beat somebody or win something. And then there’s also an internal problem that he has to overcome. So from the beginning of the story, to the end of the story, the hero has changed has grown as a person, because he had to overcome something internally, in order for him to get to the end and achieve his external goal.

Okay, so now in the traders journey, obviously, we have you, you are the hero, you are the star of the show, not me, it’s you. I know we do the podcast, and I talk about my own exploits or whatever. But in reality, it’s all about you, the trader, the hero of our story, and there has to be something you want. Right? So what is it that you want? Now in order for us to have a successful hero’s journey for you, you have to know very clearly and specifically what it is you want? Is it that, hey, I would like to make X dollars per month, for whatever reason, or I want to make enough money from trading that I can quit my job and retire early. Or is it hey, I want to buy a new Lamborghini. And I need, I don’t know how much they are. But you know, maybe like $2000 or $3,000 a month to pay for this Lamborghini, or I want to pay it in cash, or I want to be a billionaire. Or a multimillionaire, I don’t know, I want to start my own foundation, my own charity, and I want to be worth millions of dollars so that it lasts for hundreds of years, whatever that is, whatever that thing that you want. If you don’t know it, and you’re not clear about it, then we’re gonna have a lot of trouble on our journey. Okay, so step number one for you to have a very successful hero’s journey is to know what you want specifically

Okay, so now, after that comes the guide, like, “Hey, Hi, I’m Allen, I’ll be your guide on this traders journey. I’m not the hero you are, I’m just going to help you guide you along the way”. Because normally times the “guide” has some special information, some special skills, maybe he’s done the journey before, right? He knows the pitfalls. He knows the traps. He knows where to write the right turn left, turn all that stuff. So in case I’m going to be your guide, and I appreciate you listening to this podcast and letting me help you along on your journey, then what is it that’s stopping you from your destination? That’s what we have to figure out as well. And it’s not as simple as oh, Allen I need more money. No. I mean, I could give you a million dollars tomorrow, but you wouldn’t know what to do with it. Right? So the issue is that we need to figure out a path or a way to get to your goal that is systematic, and can be replicated, right? So that it can be done over and over and over again, it’s not just a one time fluke, we don’t want to just give you a lottery ticket.

No, here’s $10 million. And it’s going to be gone in winter, right? It’s something that we build over time. And we get because the internal issue also comes out, right? If you’re just given money, you don’t change, it’s too easy. But if you grow the money, if you learn a skill, if you do it, and you go through different market cycles, and you have building up that confidence in yourself, and your trading, and the confidence that other people will have in you, around you the way they see you, the way you feel, the way you grow. All of that is part of the traders journey. And that’s having all that is the only way to be and have a successful traders journey. Does that make sense? So you can’t just be given the money, you just can’t be given the thing. It has to be hard fought, it has to be a trial a struggle, and only then will it be worth it at the end to get it. Makes sense? So I was thinking about fuel on the podcast, I did a interview with one of our students, Todd. Okay. Now Todd’s journey, his issue was that he wanted to make enough money to pay his monthly expenses. Very simple, very easy, you know, right. That’s, that’s a big why pretty much right? I want to I need to do this. And so for him, his number was 5000. I was like, hey, I need to make $5,000 a month. That’s my goal. That’s my why, that’s my.. that thing, the end of the journey. It wasn’t the end for him, because then he continued later. But that was for the first part of the story. That was his thing.

Now, what was keeping him back? Well, he had never done before. And he wanted to do it via trading. But he had never done that before. He had dabbled in it, had some success and failure. But he’d never done it before. So he didn’t have the confidence for one, and then comes the guide. Now luckily for Tom, he had already been in our circle, he was already a student, he was in our Oil Options program. And so he had the guide, the Mentor– me, he had the education, he had the components, everything was there, he had the strategy that was proven, that was like, hey, follow this except some steps up. So he was well advanced in his storyline. If you are not that advanced, if you don’t have the guy, then I would be willing to work with you, I’d love to do it. And if you don’t have the methodology, you know, that’s what we do. That’s what I’m an option genius. That’s all we do, we have different ways to get there. And we can, if you reach out to us, we can we can help you out. So Todd, had one more thing, which I left out, he had an account. And his account had about $40,000 in it. So he had everything that he needed to go from zero to gold in a short amount of time. And he did it in about three months. So within three months of trading and learning and all that, he went from not making any money in trading to paying off all of his bills every month. And then later on, he kept growing and growing, he added more money to account and, you know, he kept going from there. So it was a very successful trading journey. And that’s why it made for a good interview, you know, a good podcast because he had all of the elements that make a good story. Now comes down to you. This is your story. That’s why you’re listening to this. That’s why you’re watching this, right? We want to know the hero, the heroe’s you.

Number 3? It’s not “I don’t have any money”. It might be “Hey, I don’t have the discipline to do this”. It might be Hey, I don’t have the the options approval to do this. It might be I don’t have the knowledge to do this. All of those can be overcomed. Right? If the discipline is a problem, it’s a question of your why of the thing that you want. You got to make that really really, really clear. Now Todd, in our story, he had been laid off. So you didn’t really have a choice. You had to make your work or go get another job. Right. So that’s it’s a pretty big why. Now I would not tell you to go quit your job in order to do this. But there are ways to do it while you’re also working. Um

We have another student Mary that I interviewed recently, she is also making as much money from trading as she is from her full time job. Right. But she did it in a way that she could do both at the same time, she could trade as well as do her job at the same time. And her trading doesn’t take that long. So yes, that’s why I love active trading. That’s why I love selling options, because it doesn’t take a lot of time, doesn’t take a lot of time to learn it, it does take time to really get good at it. And you do have to change internally, you have to become different, you have to become more discipline, you have to become more confident. And you have to in some cases, you have to become more humble. Look at that, right. So for some people, they gotta be more confident. Other people, they have to be more humble. And some people it’s crazy, they have to do both at the same time. They’re overconfident in some things, and not confident enough in other things. And they also have to know themselves. So that’s another story. So all of these issues are things that we cover on the podcast, we cover in our Facebook group that’s free for everybody. It’s called the The Alliance, you can go to our website and get more information about that. So there’s multiple ways to get to where you want to be. Step one is to know figure out what it is. And then step two is to get step by step by step.

How do I get there? Okay, now, I don’t have time on this episode to go through everything about how to do that. But obviously, if it was, hey, I want to make, you know, an extra $1,000 a month? Well, number one, what’s the plan? The plan is we’re going to do it through trading. Okay, we got that established, so I can be your mentor, what strategy, right? We’ve done it we’ve we’ve covered this before on the podcast, pick a strategy, pick a trading plan, work the trading plan, focus on it, figure out the numbers, like okay, if I want to make $1,000 a month, and my trading plan allows me to make 1% on my money, well, then on a monthly basis, well then if I want to make 1000, then I need $100,000 in my account. Well, maybe I don’t have $100,000. Okay, so step one is going to be how do we get to the 100,000? Right? Maybe we don’t go and say, Okay, we’re not going to hit our goal right away, we’re gonna start smaller. So maybe we only have 20,000. Okay, start with 20, make 200 200 every month to under 200, let it grow and grow and compound and come out, and eventually we’ll get to our goal. So, you know, the time aspect, in a story in a movie, you know, it’s done within a couple hours. But your life is not a two hour movie, right? You got years and years and years, and we’ve covered this in other podcasts, we’re probably have a lot more years to live than we actually think we’re going to be living average lifespan now was about eight years old. But with all the science technologies coming, you know, the improvements that are happening, we’re probably gonna live 120-150. So these are skills, this is a story that’s going to continue. So it’s worth it. It is worth your time, it’s worth your effort. It’s worth everything for you to start your trading journey. Now. Instead of putting it off, because every day you put it off, every month, you put it off every year you put it off, that time is not coming back. Right, whatever the thing is you want.

You can have it and I’m telling you, yes, you can have it. If you do those two things, number one, overcome the obstacles that are external. And then number two, overcome the obstacles that are internal. And part of that internal obstacle is to get started to start doing it to start working it to set aside one hour a day, two hours a day, whatever you can set aside to spend studying, trading, researching, listening to this podcast, watching our videos, joining our courses, going through those programs, being in our Facebook group, so that you are talking to you’re building a community, you’re building your knowledge, you’re building your resources, and you’re getting in touch with the guide. Right? You have questions, reach out to us, ask us we will guide you along the way, because we’ve already done it. Right. I’m probably for most of you, I probably already accomplished what you want to accomplish. And so I’m happy to share that with you. But you got to reach out. Okay, so that is the traders journey. I hope that this has been helpful. I hope that you allow me to be your guide. And I hope that you take the journey. And I mean, it’s a crazy fun, wild ride. It is hard, it is a struggle. It does take time. Not everybody can get there in three months like Todd did. That was fantastic. But again, he had everything that he needed. He had the education, he had the strategy and he had the account. Okay? If you have those four, four things, you have those four things. And yes, you can get there in three months as well. Right? If you don’t, then we’ll need to work on those and then it’ll take you a little bit longer but you can still get there. So that is it. For this one. Make sure that you trade with the odds in your favor that will definitely help you on your journey and keep hope alive. Take care, everybody.


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