Podcast – Episode 65 – 3 Secrets The Rich Do Not Know

Recently I attended a mastermind meeting with other online marketers. These folks are super smart, super rich, and super savvy.

They are the ones that introduced me to crypto arbitrage. Yes, that is a thing.

Everyone presents something in the meeting that can help the others. I decided to talk about 3 things that have shaped my life up to this point.

I expected them to already know about these secrets, but not one of them knew of all three. In fact, none of them knew about #3.

The three I talked about were:

  1. The Wave Theory of Life
  2. The Five Finger Theory
  3. Passive Trading

Passive Trading literally blew them away. They were mesmerized.

Listen to the episode to hear me describe all three secrets!

Link to Episode 4: 5 Finger Strategy




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