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How to be a black belt spread master. Black belt. Hiya! Like karate, right? Black Belt, that’s the best belt you can get. So how can you be a spread master with a black belt? Let’s talk about that. First thing we got to do, though, is go over the disclaimer, of course, trading and falls risk. It’s not suitable for everybody, you can lose money, you probably will lose money. So don’t raise too much. You don’t want the spouse kicking out of the house. Right? Got it. Okay, so the last from the class, right? Karate Kid, the original, with Mr. Miyagi, that one rules. I love Jackie Chan. He did great. But the original Karate Kid, the original Miyagi, it was just kick ass. And I’m gonna have to tell you a little bit story here. Karate Kid. My parents actually took me to see this in the theaters. And I loved it. Right made kind of dates content your whole life, but I loved it.

The original one is just a classic story of this guy. He’s a little bit nerdy, he’s skinny, he moves to this new town, he doesn’t have any friends. He meets a girl. And then he gets picked on by this group of thugs, you know, and they know karate. And they’re beating him up of over and over and over again. And then finally there’s this guy’s This is recluse, right? This guy who just takes him under his wing becomes like a father figure to him because he didn’t have a father and teaches him how to defend himself and teaches him karate and karate is for defense. That’s a very horrible, horrible accent. But, you know, that’s what Mr. Miyagi teaches him.

The Karate is for defense, and it’s about life. And it’s about meditation and being calm and peaceful. And all these things he gives him shows him how to do respect, right, how to give respect. And that’s what karate is about. But the thugs, all they’re talking about is no mercy, no mercy, right. karate used to win and beat in pummel, and, and destroy. And so we have the rest of the movie. And eventually, hopefully, you know, hopefully, you’ve seen the movie. If not go watch it. But I’m going to spoil that for you here. There’s a karate tournament. And, of course, The Karate Kid wins in amazing fashion. Right? And then there’s Karate Kid, part two. And so he goes to Japan, I’m not gonna tell the whole story. But that one was good, too. So if you haven’t watched them, the originals, you got to go back and watch them again. And then now on Netflix, they have come out with a new series called Cobra Kai. So I guess they wanted to make more money from The Karate Kid. Right? And so they brought back all the actors. And they have a whole new series, where it continues the story.

It’s I think it’s like 30 years in the future. 30 years have gone by since the original Karate Kid movie. And you see, all the actors have grown up, and they’re all there except for of course, unfortunately, Mr. Miyagi Pat Morita, because he is unfortunately, he has passed away. But all the other actors are there. And that was I’ve been watching that. And it was cool. And I love the I mean, the acting is really bad. To be honest, the acting in this series is pretty bad. The story is like ehhh, you know, but I love how they showed the other side of the story. Like in The Karate Kid movie, you see everything from Daniel-san perspective. He’s the kid who’s just moved here how hard it is for him. You know, he’s got a single mom, his mom is annoying. He’s trying to make friends. But he’s getting beaten up all the time. You see it from his perspective. In the in the Cobra Kai series. It starts you off. The main character is the main thug, the one that was torturing Daniel-san, and it shows you from his perspective, and he’s telling the story of how this kid Daniel came to his town and messed up his life. stole his girlfriend, beat him in the tournament, made his sensei hate him, all this kind of stuff. So I loved how they showed both sides of the coin, the flip.

And I mean, it was really well done. That part was really well done. Anyway, why am I telling you all this? Because after I saw the karate kid, I, of course, wanted to learn karate. Just like after I saw Top Gun, I wanted to be a fighter pilot. And after I saw Jaws, I didn’t go swimming for years. But when I saw Karate Kid, I wanted to learn karate. So I told my parents, I want to learn karate, I’ll put me in a glass looking too hot for me in class. So they did, buster, right? And so I joined a karate class. And I’m you see they have these belts. So you want to of course, you start off as a white belt, meaning you know nothing. And then you get a different color belt as you grow and you get better and better and better. And eventually you get to a black belt. And then when you get a black belt, it goes even higher. From there, you can get degrees of black belts. So I started off as a white belt, know nothing. And they started with basic stuff, right? How do you throw a punch? How do you do a kick? How do you Block a Punch? How do you block a kick? How do you block this and that and so you got four or five or 10 you know, basic moves, and you practice and that’s what we did.

That was the whole glass practicing, practicing, practicing, practicing practicing. Maybe you do a sparring with somebody else a little bit in very, very slow motion. But you’re practicing the same moves over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Eventually, I got tired of the same moves, and I’m ready to move up. So I go to my sensei (Sensei, as your teacher) I go to my sensei and Sensei, please show me some of the moves for the next belt because I want to practice at home. And I want to get really good so that I can take the test and I can go to the next belt. And what he told me is that I already know the moves. What are you talking about, Sensei, what I found out was that the moves in karate are generally the same at all the belts. The thing is that there is more complexity at the higher levels. So what he showed me is that in slow motion, he stood in front of me, and in slow motion, he threw a punch, and I blocked it. And I was able to block it, because that’s what I learned as a white belt, he did a little kick, and I blocked it. But then he did it a little bit faster. And he pulled me on my butt. Right, because I didn’t know how to block it, even though I should have been able to block it.

And then he moved to the side a little bit. And he punched me from the side. And I didn’t know how to block it. And then he hit me from the back. And he did I don’t know how to block it. And then he had, you know, he hit me with to like combination really fast. And I didn’t know how to block it. Even though I knew the moves, I didn’t know the combinations, I didn’t have the speed to block him. So then he told me to do the same thing to him. And he used the same moves to block everything I did, didn’t matter how fast I did it, or what side I did it, he was using the exact same moves, the block the basic block, the basic, you know, the the basic kick and punch and all that stuff to beat me, it was just the same thing. So that was his lesson for me at the time he goes, you need to focus and work on perfecting the moves that you already know, before you go to the next level. And so he sent me back, right? And do the block do the kick Faster, faster, better, better, crisper, more, more provision. So in The Karate Kid movie, if you if you watched it you remember it you know you remember wax on wax off, wax on wax on paint the fence up and down defense up and down. Those were the moves that Mr. Miyagi was teaching Daniel-san, and he made him do it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, until he got so good at these basic moves, that he was good enough to go into the tournament and fight and win.

You know, it was the same moves and Mr. Miyagi, he didn’t have any belts, so he didn’t tell Daniel-san. Okay, now your white belt. Now your green belt. Now your Brembo may even have any moves. He was just teaching karate, or karate, I guess if you say if you say it properly. But it wasn’t about going from belt to belt. It was just learning he was about learning how to do the thing. Right? So now when we talk about credit spreads, we talk about learning the trade, learning how to do it, it’s about learning the thing. So if you’re a basic trader, and you want to get a really, really good trader, is there extra stuff that you got to learn? No, the moves are the same. The rules are the same, the basics are the same.

There’s more complexity, definitely at the higher levels. It gets scarier when you’re dealing with larger numbers. You know, when you’re not putting 500 into a trade, but you’re putting 50,000 into a trade? Yeah, you can scare the heck out of you. That’s more complexity. But the work that you got to do is the same. The basics are the same, you keep doing the same thing, punch, kick, wax on, wax off, that’s all the same. It’s just more complexity at higher, higher levels. So you got to do the work. Right? Now you take a look at Bruce Lee, the master of karate, right, the king. He’s known to say that I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 different kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. Because if you focus and you excel and you expert at one particular thing, you can beat anybody else that that’s not proficient.

Okay, so even Bruce Lee did the same thing. The same exercise is the same, you got to master the basics. Every time I start losing money. The first thing I do is I stopped doing everything complicated. And I go back to the basics. Just take out everything, go back to the basics. That happens in everything I do, whether it’s trading, or whether it’s with my family, whether it’s with marketing, whatever I want to do even like chess, you know, if you’re if you’re a good chess player, you start doing all the gambits, right, you start doing all the moves, but there might be a time when you start losing over and over and over again and you’re like, I don’t know what to do. If you don’t know what to do, you go back to the basics, right, go back to the beginning. And then you build up again, slowly, slowly, slowly. So just like in karate, just like in chess, just like in anything else that you want to learn. You got to do the work. If you want to be a master If you want to be a credit spread Master, and that’s what I want you to be in this program, that’s the reason for this program, you got to put in the work. And that’s why we do it over and over and over and over and over.

And yes, it can get methodical, it can get boring. But that’s how you become a master. That is how you become a credit spread black belt by doing the same move 1000 times 10,000 times, being able to put on a trade in your sleep, being able to have the rules ingrained in your brain so that you can recite them. And then eventually, I want you to be so good that you can teach other people, you can teach your kids, you can teach your family, you can teach your friends, your co-workers, you can teach them how to do this stuff. That’s how good I want you to be a black belt, credit spread master. That’s the point of this program. That’s where I want you to be at the end of the program. And we’re going to do it by putting in the work. So if you’re with me, hey, yeah, we’re gonna do it. We’re gonna get you there. That’s without any doubt in my mind that I can get you there. You have to put in the work. And you already know what that means, right? So if you’re ready, let’s do this.


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