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Index Trading and Investing VS ETFs

Index options trading Index trading: I often get asked by members which are better to trade, Indexes or ETFs. “Should I trade SPY or SPX, IWM or RUT, QQQQ or MNX?” The answer is, it depends. But I do have my preferences. Liquidity Both ETFs and Indexes are very liquid.  As I write this the At…

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Another Free Trade and Updates

Option trading profit: The last couple free trades, PCLN and OIH worked out nicely. Good gains in both. So here is another one. IWM Option Trade Sell May 65 Puts, Buy May 63 Puts for a credit of .28 each spread. Get out if you are down 10-15% of the margin. if it goes well,…

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Options Trading Results for October 2009

The options trading results are in for October 2009. For October 2009, was  + 2.72%. Not very impressive is it. But the S&P was down -1.98%. Trade #4 for the month was rolled forward to November. If I had not rolled it, it would have expired worthless and with a profit. Instead it is now …

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