The 7 Whys of Trading and Investing Success

Trading and Investing: Most successful options traders understand their ultimate purpose in life. Aside from dedication and time that we invest in learning the options trading platform and online options trading, we have to know our ultimate “WHY”.
So I stayed inside yesterday and was reading a book called Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi.
You might have seen this guy on TV – he sells How Get Rich in Real Estate products.
So I did not think I would get anything from his book expect a sale pitch for his newest product but I was surprised. I wouldn’t even have the book if it wasn’t free (had to pay shipping).
But In Chapter 2 there is an exercise that really hit home for me, and can really change your life and mentality as well.
If you have been having trouble with your trading and investing then this exercise can help you gain a ton of clarity and focus. This is what most successful options traders do.
Basically you sit down with another person and you answer the question…
“Why do you want to be successful in trading and investing?”
Seems like a simple question. But once you give the answer…your partner says,
“That’s a great answer and it makes sense, but WHY do you want to …….(whatever your answer was)?
When you come up with an answer for this, it continues,
“Ok, then WHY do you want …..(your second answer)?”
And this continues for 7 levels.

 Trading and investing

You go seven levels deep to uncover your true motivation. Your true desire, what is so deep inside you probably do not even know it but can give you the utmost motivation and drive to move mountains to become successful.
For me, I started with the basics.
Level 1: I want to be successful because I want to provide for my family and not have them want anything.
Level 2: I want that so they don’t have to go through what I did when I was a kid. The embarrassment of only having one pair of jeans to wear to school everyday. Of having to settle for a local public college instead of the great private university I got into. And to not have to drop out of that public college to help in the family business.
Level 3: That’s important because I want them to be respected and I want to be respected. I want people around me to take me seriously and my ideas and thoughts seriously and for whatever reason, people listen more to rich people.
Level 4: That’s important because I have a lot of great ideas and ways to help people but I need the buy in from others but I don’t have the degree from Harvard so I need another form of credibility and resources.
Level 5: That’s important because I want to make a difference in the world and truly help people on a grand scale. Not just with small donations, but to have my own foundation and help thousands and millions have a better life.
Level 6: That’s important because that is what I feel I am here to do. When I was little, I always knew I was special and I had great gifts. And that it was my responsibility to use those gifts to help those less fortunate.
Level 7: That’s important because I need to live up to my own potential. And living up to my potential is what brings me happiness. It is not about the money or success in trading, it is about helping others and that is my calling.
Once you get to Level 7, you are so deep inside that your true emotions and feelings are guiding you.
And once you know your ultimate WHY, nothing can stop you.
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I would love to hear what your ultimate WHY is. Please share it below in the comments. It is extremely fascinating to see how other people thing and what drives them.

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