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Market Power Track Record 2023

**Note** These are all trades that were posted in the group. Traders are free to choose their own trades, and most use the indicator to find more trades than these.
Date Of TradeResult Of TradeReturn On InvestmentWin/Lose/AdjustNotes
Jan 5Expired7.50%Win
Jan 6Expired6.30%Win
Jan 11Expired5.20%Win
Jan 18Expired5.20%Win
Jan 20Expired6.30%Win
Jan 26Expired5.20%Win
Jan 30Expired7.50%Win
Jan 31Expired6.30%Win
Feb 1Expired5.20%Win
Feb 2Expired6.30%Win
Feb 3Expired6.30%Win
Feb 7Expired5.20%Win
Feb 8Expired5.20%Win
Feb 13Expired5.20%Win
Feb 16Expired5.20%Win
Feb 21Expired6.30%Win
Feb 24Expired5.20%Win
Mar 3Expired5.20%Win
Mar 7Expired5.20%Win
Mar 9Expired5.20%Win
Mar 10Expired5.20%Win
Mar 14Expired5.20%Win
Mar 16Expired5.20%Win
Mar 17Expired5.20%Win
Mar 21Expired5.20%Win
Mar 22Expired6.30%Win
Mar 29Expired5.20%Win
Mar 31Expired5.82%Win
April 13Expired5.20%Win
April 20Exited Early5.20%Win
Apr 26Exited Early5.20%Win
Apr 27Expired6.30%Win
May 2Exited Early5.20%Win
May 5Expired6.30%Win
May 17Exited Early3.10%Win
May 23Expired6.30%Win
May 25Expired6.30%Win
June 2Exited Early6.30%Win
June 12Exited Early5.20%Win
June 15Exited Early5.20%Win
June 27Exited Early5.20%Win
July 6Exited Early5.20%Win
July 12Exited Early5.20%Win
July 13Exited Early5.20%Win
July 18Exited Early5.20%Win
July 20Exited Early5.20%Win
Aug 2Exited Early5.20%Win
Aug 7Exited Early7.60%Win
Aug 15Exited Early5.20%Win
Aug 23Exited Early5.2%Win
Aug 29Exited Early5.2%Win
Sept 6Exited Early6.45%Win
Sep 14Exited Early5.20%Win
Sep 15Exited Early5.20%Win
Sep 20Adjusted3.20%AdjustOne Adjustment
Oct 3Exited Early5.20%Win
Oct 6Exited Early5.20%Win
Oct 16Exited Early5.20%Win
Oct 18Exited Early5.20%Win
Oct 20Exited Early5.20%Win
Oct 25Exited Early5.20%Win
Oct 26Exited Early6.40%Win
Oct 30Exited Early5.20%Win
Nov 1Adjusted-12.50%LossTwo Adjustments
Nov 9Exited Early5.20%Win
Nov 10Exited Early5.20%Win
Nov 14Exited Early5.20%Win
Nov 20Exited Early5.20%Win
Dec 20Exited Early5.20%Win
Dec 21Exited Early5.20%Win

Market Power Track Record 2024

**Note** These are all trades that were posted in the group. Traders are free to choose their own trades, and most use the indicator to find more trades than these.
Date Of TradeResult Of TradeReturn On InvestmentWin/Lose/AdjustNotes
Jan 2Expired5.20%Win
Jan 3Expired5.20%Win
Jan 8Expired5.20%Win
Jan 18Adjustment-63.1%Lose2 Adjustments
Feb 1Exited Early5.20%Win
Feb 7Exited Early5.20%Win
Feb 13Exited Early5.20%Win
Feb 14Exited Early2.13%Win
Feb 22Exited Early6.45%Win
March 1Exited Early5.20%Win
March 5Exited Early5.20%Win
March 7Exited Early5.20%Win
March 12Exited Early5.20%Win
March 27Exited Early5.38%Win
April 5Exited Early5.20%Win
April 10Exited Early5.20%Win
April 11Exited Early5.20%Win
April 15Exited Early5.20%Win
April 19Exited Early5.20%Win
April 22Adjustment-2.90%Lose1 Adjustment
April 25Exited Early4.00%Win
April 26Exited Early5.20%Win
May 2Expired Worthless6.40%Win
May 3Exited Early4.26%Win
May 6Exited Early2.13%Win
May 15Exited Early3.19%Win
May 23Exited Early5.32%Win
June 5Exited Early6.45%Win
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