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Option Genius Advisory

Focuses on theta positive trades using monthly options. Trades done on Indexes, ETFs, liquid stocks. Strategies include: Iron Condors, Credit Spreads, Butterflies, Calendars, Double Diagonals, Ratios, Covered Calls.

Weekly Trading System

Trade Credit Spreads using weekly options on RUT and SPX. A signal is given by the “System” when certain events occur, which offers a safer setup. Trading Rules then determine the specifics of the trade.

Simon Says Options

Trade Layup Spreads to make a potential 10% ROI per trade with an 80% probability of success. Checkout our amazing performance.

Iron Condor Mastery

Learn everything you need to trade Iron Condors profitably:  What to trade, When to trade, How to choose your trade, How to adjust (discussions on multiple adjustment techniques, Risk management and more.

Blank Check Trade

Become a profitable trader winning on 90% of your trades in less than 20 minutes a day.  Learn to trade the “underground” market that is easier and more lucrative than stocks, bonds, forex, or just about anything.

Weekly Options Mastery

Coming Soon – Options decay the fastest in the last few days. Use Weekly Options to harness this explosive income generator.

How to Protect Your Portfolio

Learn 35 ways to protect your investments from Bear Markets, Flash Crashes, Bubbles, Inflation, Terrorist Attacks, and more.

Asked and Answered

9 hours of answers to all your trading questions.

Trading Hacks

7 Hacks To Turbo Charge Your Trading Profits and Make You A Consistent Trader