Disclaimer: Past results are no guarantee of future performance. (I could do better or worse in the future as compared to the results below.)

I developed my trading rules over several years of trial and error. 2006 was the first full year that I traded based on the trading rules and money management system that I still use today.

I am posting this only because people keep asking for it. Over time my trading style works even though there are bumps in the road (AKA: losses). The purpose of the site is for you to be exposed to this type of trading and learn how to do what I do. I am not trying to be a money manager or someone you should blindly follow.

From January 2006 to December 2018, my average monthly performance has been a gain of +5.31%

Since I started this website in April 2009, I have made 326 Trades. 239 trades (73.31% of all trades) have been profitable, 83 trades (25.46% of all trades) have been losers, and 4 trades (1.23% of all trades) broke even.

*These results are updated every month. The results above do not include commissions. Last Updated on 1/04/19.

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