Options Trading For The Individual Investor

Podcast – Episode 143 – Does Personality Affect Trading Results?

Podcast Transcript Does your personality make a difference in your trading results? Turns out, it makes a huge difference. And so today I want to talk about two different personality types. And I want to talk about the pros and cons of each and how to tell if you’re one and how to improve your…

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Podcast – Episode 142 – Best Option Trading Books

Podcast Transcript Hey there, this is Allen from Option Genius. One of the most common questions that we get at Option Genius is, “Allen, I want to know more about options trading, What books should I read?”. And so I made this short video for you to tell you some of the top books that…

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Podcast – Episode 141 – How to Score a Knock Out (KO) In Your Trading

Podcast Transcript Picture this, you’re a prizefighter. A boxer.  And your opponent is the reigning champion, large, strong, fast and deadly. If you win your payday could be huge. But if you lose, you might lose it all. Do you get in the ring? Well, if you’re a trader, you get in the ring every…

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Podcast – Episode 140 – The 66 Trade Challenge

Podcast Transcript Do you have a problem with trading discipline, or not sticking to your trading plan, or not getting consistent results from your trading, or even getting stuck like a deer in the headlights when a trade goes bad. Let’s go ahead and solve that right now. On the other side of the intro.…

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Podcast – Episode 139 – What to Do When You Have Tried Everything and You Are Still Not Profitable Trading

Podcast Transcript Mark: Well, look, it’s really it’s a, it’s a long journey. I’ve read your book, I’ve read many books, I’ve been in this game for a long time. It’s very difficult to sum it up in literally minutes, I suppose. But after reading a book just recently, and listening to all your podcasts…

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