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Podcast – Episode 130 – How To Trade (And Profit From) The FED

Podcast Transcript Let’s talk about the Fed and more inmportantly how to make money from the Fed. How do we as passive traders, make money when the Fed is going to make an announcement? So a little bit of history, a little bit of background and when you’re watching this, but today, while I’m recording,…

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Podcast – Episode 129- The Bitcoin Cage

Podcast Transcript Hey, it’s Allen again, from Option Genius. And today I learned something that I want to share with you. Over this weekend, this past weekend, I attended virtually a conference. And it was an investment conference on basically it was on funds. So how to, it was for people who want to have…

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Podcast – Episode 128- The Trader’s Journey

  Podcast Transcript oday I wanted to talk to you about the trader’s journey. At least he that’s what I call it. I like to learn about marketing. I don’t know, it’s just one of my things. I just I enjoy marketing. And I think it’s because it’s a lot about psychology. And so even…

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Podcast – Episode 127-Interview Episode With Vince

  Podcast Transcript Vince couldn’t trade like he wanted to because he was a commercial pilot and it is hard to put on a position and not be able to monitor, adjust, or exit when you are flying across the world. So we started with our Blank Check Oil Options program….and for 2 years…Vince has…

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Podcast – Episode 126- How To Be a Better Trader Episode 4 of 4

  Podcast Transcript Episode 4 of 4. In this last episode of the series, Allen helps you understand what level your trading is at on the Option Continuum and exactly how to move up to the next level. Make sure to listen to the episodes before this one to catch up. JOIN OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK…

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