Options Trading For The Individual Investor

Podcast – Episode 018 – Interview With Trader Mike Minnick

   Podcast Transcript Allen Sama: Today, I have with me Mike Minnick.  He is one of our Blank Check Trading System students.  I’m happy to say he is probably one of our more successful students.  He’s posted a bunch of trades in the group that had done very well.  And so I wanted to…

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Podcast – Episode 017 – The Age at Which Suze Orman Wants You to Retire

   Podcast Transcript Hello Genius Nation! Hope the markets are treating you well. Got some cool stuff to talk about today, let’s go ahead and just jump into this, shall we? Question, big question for you, so what age do you want to retire? You probably have an answer in mind, right? What is…

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Podcast – Episode 016 – Interview With Trader Dale Hefner

  Podcast Transcript Dale Hefner is a 81 year old retired business owner in Amarillo Texas. He has fun spending time with his wife, going into town, and trading options. Listen in as he shares how he turned a $4,000 account into $21,000 – a $17,000 gain in just 12 months! Allen:  Okay, so, today…

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Podcast – Episode 015 – Option Selling Defined

    Podcast Transcript So what is option selling? Hey There Genius Nation. Hopefully the market have been kind to you so far this year. In today’s episode I wanted to talk about what option selling is. I realized that we have done many episodes already where we talk about why you should be selling…

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Podcast – Episode 014 – 2018 Predictions

    Around the end of every year and beginning of the next, the world is flooded with folks giving their predictions about what will occur in the coming year. Some of these actually come true. But most are just for fun. These fortune tellers think that something might happen and because of that something…

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