Options Trading For The Individual Investor

Podcast – Episode 138 – Can A Credit Spread Get Assigned

Podcast Transcript So a common question that we get is, when you sell a credit spread, can you get assigned? And so the idea is that, you know, if I’m in the middle of a trade, what happens? Or at the end of the trade? What happens? So there are different connotations here. So the…

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Podcast – Episode 137 – Pitfalls of the Poor Mans Covered Call

Podcast Transcript Do you have questions about trading? And about Options? Or maybe investing? Well, if you do, ask, and we’ll get you an answer. So in our Facebook group, which is a public group, anybody can join, you can go there by going to, FREE-OPTIONS with “s” You can go there. And…

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Podcast – Episode 136 – Interview With Denny Inboden

Podcast Transcript Allen: All right, everybody, welcome passive traders. I have one of my good friends with me today, Denny is going to be here. He’s going to be talking about trading life in general, and everything that he’s learned along the way. Denny, you know, we’ve, you’ve been in our programs for a little…

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Podcast – Episode 135 – What is an Accredited Investor and How To Become One?

Podcast Transcript What is an accredited investor? How do I become one? And why do I want to become one? It’s a great question. So let’s talk about the why before we get into what it is and how you become one. So as you know, you know, we talk a lot about trading, we…

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Podcast – Episode 134 – Stick It To Wall Street Stock Income Program

Podcast Transcript Hey there, passive traders How you doing? I got something really, really exciting for you today, if you’d like to have really, extra money, free money without having to do anything, that’s what we’re all about, right? Passive income, passive trading. This is really something I just came across this, I don’t understand…

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