Options Trading For The Individual Investor

Podcast – Episode 027 – How to Invest With No Money

Podcast Transcript Allen: I don’t know too many people that would not like to have more money, do you? But I do know a lot of people that want a lot more money, and even more people that don’t have much money. Allen: When it comes to trading and investing, well, if you want to…

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Podcast – Episode 026 – The Ultimate Options Trading Strategy

 Podcast Transcript Allen: Buenos dias genius nation, como estas. How you doing? This episode we’re going to call it The Ultimate Options Trading Strategy. Really what I wanted to do is I want to talk about option strategies and which one is the best. I got the idea for this episode thanks to a…

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Podcast – Episode 025 – Credit Spread Horror Story with Jeremiah Wiser

Podcast Transcript Allen: Welcome everybody to another edition of the Option Genius Podcast. Today I have with me Mr. Jeremiah Wiser. And we’re gonna be talking about really how to overcome or get started again trading options after you have a not so auspicious beginning. That’s one thing we wanna talk about. And then the…

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Podcast – Episode 024 – Beware the $30k Scam – 24

Podcast Transcript Hello, hello, hello, and welcome back to another episode of The Option Genius Podcast, so grateful to have you here. Today’s episode is going to ruffle some feathers. I hope it doesn’t ruffle your feathers, but I know that some people out there will not appreciate what I have to say because it’s…

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Podcast – Episode 023 – My Life Insurance Made 42.5% Gains

Podcast Transcript I just want to read off some of the names here. We got Hippie Daddy, Doug Smith, Terps Fan 908, Jeremiah Wiser, Ming 2007, Beatle Nation who actually writes that “Allen does a great job of demystifying a complex topic.” Well, I do my best so thank you for that. William Hensworth, Michael…

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