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180 mph in a real Nascar on a real Nascar track.

Did it. Check that off my bucket list. It was so much fun, I want to go back.


Outside Dallas, there is the Texas Motor Speedway and they rent out the track to a couple companies that teach and let regular people drive on it.

The company we used is called Team Texas. They have the most aggressive driving program. You would not believe the things they let us do. Actually they forced us to do. They also have real cars that they buy from the teams.

You are always with an instructor who can grab the wheel and “help” steer, but you are in control.ISurvived_TeamTexas

For the first few laps, it was just me and my instructor although there were 9 other cars on the track at the same time. Since this was my first time, I was getting passed by just about everyone.

After 20 laps around the track we started doing maneuvers with partners and other cars.

Drafting for 10 laps. This is where you basically tailgate another car going as fast as you can. After five laps you switch and he tailgates you for five laps. If the guy in front of you brakes or even lets up on the gas, there is going to be a wreck.

Side by Side. Instead of behind, you drive right next to another car.

The Pack. 6 cars all together in formation. 3 in one line, 3 in another right next to each other. All 6 cars flying around the track. First drafting, then side by side and switching.


If you like to drive, this is for you.

It was amazing.

And it’s not cheap. Not saying this to brag, but living life to the fullest it what it is all about.

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