Options Trading For The Individual Investor

Podcast – Episode 135 – What is an Accredited Investor and How To Become One?

Podcast Transcript What is an accredited investor? How do I become one? And why do I want to become one? It’s a great question. So let’s talk about the why before we get into what it is and how you become one. So as you know, you know, we talk a lot about trading, we…

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Podcast – Episode 134 – Stick It To Wall Street Stock Income Program

Podcast Transcript Hey there, passive traders How you doing? I got something really, really exciting for you today, if you’d like to have really, extra money, free money without having to do anything, that’s what we’re all about, right? Passive income, passive trading. This is really something I just came across this, I don’t understand…

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Podcast – Episode 133 – How to Be an RIA With Paul Ashcraft

Podcast Transcript Allen: All right, passive traders, we have a treat in store for you today. Many of you know about the option continuum, which is basically, you know, our levels of breakdown of where you are as an options trader, you start with level one, you don’t know anything. And then you get to…

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Podcast – Episode 132 – The 80-20 Trader

Podcast Transcript One of my 12 month books is called the 80-20 principle by Richard Koch. Now, a 12-month book is one of the 12 books that I read every year. So every month, I’ll have one of these books, read it, and then I’ll implement. And these are books that have special lessons for…

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Podcast – Episode 131 – The Real Stats on Day Trading

Podcast Transcript I don’t know if you’re doing day trading, but over 74% of day traders lose money. Interesting stat actually thought would be a lot higher, probably is. Let me give the details. So the other day, I was talking on my phone to a friend and the word migraine came out. We were…

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