Options Trading For The Individual Investor

Podcast – Episode 148 – How To Be a Black Belt Credit Spread Master

Podcast Transcript How to be a black belt spread Master? Black Belt. Hiya! Like karate, right? Black Belt, that’s the best belt you can get. So how can you be a spread Master with a black belt? Let’s talk about that. First thing we got to do though, is go over the disclaimer, of course,…

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Podcast – Episode 147 – You Cannot Retire With Only A Million Dollars

Podcast Transcript Turns out that a million dollars is not a big deal anymore. It’s not enough to be a millionaire, or is it? I don’t know, we’ll talk about that. So, there’s a new survey that just came out. CNBC reported on it, that’s how I came about it to see it, it’s put…

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Podcast – Episode 146 – The Fastest Way to Get Good at Trading

Podcast Transcript Today we are going to be talking about and answering a question that we get asked a lot and option genius, which is what is the fastest way to get good at trading? Because, well, let’s face it, everybody wants to get rich quick, right? Now, passive trading is a great way to…

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Podcast – Episode 145 – Why Real Estate Investors Love Passive Trading

Podcast Transcript Why do real estate investors love passive trading? That’s what I want to talk about today. So a couple weeks ago, I attended a friend’s real estate conference in Dallas. And it’s mainly for folks who like to buy large, real multifamily and commercial real estate, with a focus on how to attract…

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Podcast – Episode 144 – How to Trade With Your Spouse

Podcast Transcript Allen: Welcome passive traders to another episode. Today, I have a big announcement. And I have a first for the podcast, which is really interesting. I’m going to tell you the first before we get into the announcement. The first is that for the first time we are having a husband and wife, team,…

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