The Last Webinar

(Options Trading) I just watched the replay of a webinar done by a couple guys I have never heard of before.

Don’t know how I even heard about this – got an email about it or something.

But the topic of the webinar caught my attention and I had to watch it.

Basically, one of the gentlemen is dying.

He has a incurable fatal disease and he wanted to share the process he went through.

They talked about the stuff that is really important in life… the stuff we mostly forget while running around trying to make a living.

Sometimes it takes a dying man to really gives us perspective.

Watch the webinar here:

Options trading inputs

There is nothing for sale, nothing about options trading, stock options or options strategies, but it might be the most important webinar you’ve seen in a while.

I urge you to jot down the 5 questions they go over and spend some time thinking about them. And please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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